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How to collect stamps?

November 17, 2014
How to collect stamps?

Collecting and studying postage stamps, which include stamps, is called philately. A person who wants to collect stamps can benefit from the experience gained by other collectors. In this article we will look at how to properly collect stamps.

Tips for collecting stamps

  • Most often, collectors place their stamps on a historical or thematic basis. In the first case, the exhibits of the collection will be located depending on the release date. In the second case - stamps are grouped by topic. Further stamps are located in a certain chronology, for example, by series. The series should start with the smallest face value (for example, 5 kopecks) and end with the biggest;
  • You can start collecting from any brands. This will help to get acquainted with the variety of brands and choose an interesting topic. At the same stage, you will decide on the layout style and ways of designing your collection;
  • Each exhibit of its collection should be treated very carefully.Do not crumple or stain the brand, take them with dirty hands and leave them in the damp. It is necessary to shift marks only with tweezers without teeth on the edges;
  • The brand considers defective at any slightest damage to the image or the integrity of the brand itself;
  • If the stamp was on the envelope, it is carefully removed, soaking in water. When the stamp has separated from the envelope, it is placed for 10 minutes in another container with clean water to remove any glue residue. After that, the stamp should be put between the sheets of white paper, press down with a load and leave to dry for several hours. From the marks that have not been used, you do not need to wash off the glue;
  • In collection albums (klyasser), the marks are not glued, but arranged with the help of special stickers (folds or hinges);
  • Signing the year and series numbers should not be too bright so that it does not distract attention from the collection;
  • You can purchase stamps by mail or in bookstores.

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