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How to collect the ball?

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How to collect the ball?

If you like puzzles of various kinds, then you should be interested in information on how to assemble a ball from a Rubik's Snake puzzle. Collecting a ball is not at all difficult; the most important thing is to know a few small secrets that we will reveal in this article. The main thing is to be attentive and not to miss a single step.

Collect the ball

There are various ways in which you can assemble a ball.

Method 1 - with the head

If you want to collect the ball, then the construction can begin with the head of a snake and gradually move to the tail.

  1. Take the usual snake and make it a straight line straight. To do this, take the extreme triangle in hand and all subsequent elements rotate 90 degrees once. At the time of collecting the straight, only the tail is turned, while the snake's head remains motionless in the hand.
  2. Getting to build the ball. The exploded diagram is as follows: 1 and 2 details are turned to the left; 3 - to the right; 4 - to the left; 5, 6 - to the right; 7 - to the left; 8 - to the right; 9, 10 - to the left; 11 - to the right; 12 - to the left; 13, 14 - to the right; 15 - to the left; 16 - to the right; 17, 18 - to the left; 19 - to the right; 20 - to the left; 21, 22 - right again; 22 - to the left. From the description it is clear that alternation occurs.If the first two parts are turned to the left, then the next to the right, or vice versa.

Method 2 - from the middle

In this case, we will start building a snake not from the head, but from the middle of the snake. It is worth noting that this method is easier than the previous one, since two halves are turning here.

  1. Make a straight line straight. The procedure is the same as in the first method.
  2. Then we fold the snake in half and begin to rotate the elements in the same sequence as in the first case, only here the numbers will be not up to 22, but up to 10. Pairwise we fold first two times to the left, then left and right, again to the right twice and so until you reach the end of one half.
  3. The second half is mirrored: starting from the turns to the right.

If you did not manage to collect the ball from the Rubik's Snake puzzle, then you need to double-check what part you made turns: the last turned part should always be a guide. Remember, the most important thing is the alternation of turns: two times in one direction, then in different directions and again in the direction from which they started. If you can remember this alternation, then at any time without a scheme you will be able to collect a ball from a simple snake.


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