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How to come first?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
November 26, 2014
How to come first?

Relationship with the guy you like can start very naturally. It happens that you face a case, or the conversation is fastened by itself, but not all the girls are so lucky. To approach the young man you like first becomes a problem for many people, and they do not dare to do it.

But there are so many ways to attract attention! So do not extinguish, take matters into your own hands.

At school

If you're in school, then getting to know each other is pretty easy. You can use different convenient moments. For example, you are classmates, and, in principle, are already familiar, but do not communicate closely. Then you can move closer to the guy - for example, take a seat ahead of him. This will give a lot of reasons to start a conversation - turn around and chat at the break, ask for help in the lesson, borrow a pen. Another option - to intersect in those places that loves the guy you like - in the dining room or gym. You can start a conversation with a joke or by asking something about mutual acquaintances.In fact, there are plenty of reasons to talk at school - at least a discussion of teachers, lessons, extracurricular activities.

On the street

If you notice a nice guy on the street, do not be afraid to approach him and start a conversation. There are a lot of creative ways, for example:

  • Ask how to get to a certain place.
  • Ask to take a picture of you.
  • Ask the phone to call.
  • "Accidentally" crash into it at full speed.
  • Spread the products in front of him to help him collect.

Fortunately, if the guy on the street is busy with something - he is reading in the park, riding a skateboard or painting landscapes. Then you can start an interesting conversation on his hobbies.

What is important when meeting a guy

First, be confident. This is important because confidence attracts. But do not be too pushy, because the guy probably wants to take the initiative himself. Secondly, appearance is important when we first met. Clean hair, light makeup, nice perfume - all this attracts the attention of the guy. Too aggressive or defiant appearance, on the contrary, repels.

Do not be afraid of failures. If a young man does not want to continue communication, this is normal - people are different, and they cannot always come together. Well, at least you'll know that you tried and did not miss your chance.


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