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How to connect a mouse to a laptop?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
November 21, 2014
How to connect a mouse to a laptop?

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How to connect a mouse to a laptop?

All modern laptops are equipped with a touchpad, so you can do without a mouse. But for comfortable work, an ordinary mouse is more suitable. Any manipulator with a usb interface can be connected to a laptop. From this it is worth proceeding at the choice of a mouse for the laptop. For the rest, there are no restrictions, there can be any number of buttons on the mouse, it can be either wired or wireless.

Connecting a wired mouse to a laptop

  1. We get the mouse out of the box.
  2. We insert the usb plug into the port of the same name on the laptop.
  3. We are waiting for a couple of seconds until the mouse is determined.
  4. We use.

Connect a wireless mouse

  1. To connect a wireless mouse, remove it from the package.
  2. If necessary, we put the batteries (usually wireless mice work onmousestandard battery powered).
  3. We connect a special transmitter to the usb-port of the laptop (included).
  4. Install the driver (also included).
  5. The mouse is ready to go.

Wireless mice have their advantages: there are no wires, you can work at a considerable distance from the computer; but there are also disadvantages: lower sensitivity, batteries are sitting down, and you are left without a mouse, the need to purchase replacement elements. The cordless mouse is a bit harder, but this is a matter of habit, but otherwise it is no different from an ordinary mouse.


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