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How to connect services on Beeline?

Anton Ozhiganov
Anton Ozhiganov
January 21, 2013
How to connect services on Beeline?

Beeline is the most famous trademark in Russia. The mobile operator "Beeline" offers various options for services that make it possible to reduce communication costs and add tariff options. Some services are chargeable, and in order to control the withdrawal of funds, it is important to know about the connected services. If you use the services of a cellular operator, it will not be superfluous to find out how you can manage these services.

If you are connected to a new cellular network, you need to learn how to connect services on Beeline. Subscribers can connect services in several ways.

  • The first and most preferred option is to call the service management service at number 0674, where you will get access to the connection. You can choose the necessary service and send a request for connection.
  • You can connect services to Beeline by calling customer support from our mobile phone at 0611.To do this, you will need to inform the operator of your passport details and report on the desired service.
  • You can connect services to Beeline using the dialing command * 111 #, from your mobile phone. This command and the subsequent pressing of the call key will help you to get access to the main Beeline services and their management.
  • You can connect Beeline services via the Internet. Log in to your personal account at the address and activate the service. To enter the system, send a request, get a password in the form of SMS, which will come to your mobile phone.

To connect to the Internet from Beeline, you can use the link and get full information.

On a business trip or when preparing for a vacation, it is important to know how to activate the Beeline roaming service. Roaming in Russia and abroad is automatically activated if your tariff implies an advance payment and exceeds 600 rubles. If the invoice amount drops to 300 rubles, roaming will be turned off automatically. It is possible to activate the Beeline roaming service when making a guarantee payment in the amount of 1,500 rubles, using the Beeline postpaid system.


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