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How to cook fish on the grill


What fish to fry on the grill

Not all fish are suitable for roasting on coals. A win-win -varieties with dense meat, fatty and moderately bony. Carp, of course, is not very suitable. Feel free to take salmon, tuna, grouper, trout, sea bream, pink salmon, chum salmon. Halibut and cod are also suitable for cooking on the grill, but it is better to bake them not on the grill, but in foil. Otherwise, their not too dense meat can fall apart treacherously. In any case, the fish on the grill is cooked much faster than meat.

The ideal candidate for roasting on coals can be called cod. It has a neutral taste that is difficult to reveal fully with other cooking methods. But the coals easily reward cod not only with a golden crust, but also with the aroma of smoke.

Do I need marinade for fish on the grill

Experienced connoisseurs of fish on the coals believe that fresh and high-quality seafood does not need to be marinated. It is enough to sprinkle the product with oil and lemon juice, salt, add your favorite herbs and send to the fire.Cooks trendy restaurants support this point of view. However, to give a piquant note, you can make a marinade based on soy sauce, for example. Of course, you decide.

Fish on the grill in foil: a simple recipe

Try cooking cod on coals. For 8 servingsyou will need

- 8 pieces of cod fillet;

- lemon;

- pepper, salt to taste;

- Spicy herbs: rosemary or basil.

Step by Step Cooking

Salt and pepper cod fillets. If frozen fish is at your disposal, defrost it beforehand. Cod steaks can be used instead of fillets.

Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice and add herbs to taste. If you want to add piquancy, use the simple and at the same time effective technique - throw a pair of garlic teeth on the hot coals.

Wrap cod in foil. But only in such a way that the juice that the fish will give during the cooking process remains inside. Otherwise, cod meat will lose tenderness and juiciness.

Place the fish in the grill, send to the grill and cook until tender. Usually it takes no more than 15 - 20 minutes to cod.

If desired, when serving, add a dish with watercress.Its astringency and slight bitterness perfectly set off the taste of cod.

You can add a sauce to the dish. But this is not necessary, because properly cooked fish on coals does not really need it.


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