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How to prepare quality home cosmetics

We all know about the benefits of natural home cosmetics and its advantages over factory counterparts. However, few people realize that the hobby for natural raw materials can not only be useless, but also cause harm to one's own health.

The undoubted advantage of home cosmetics is the availability of ingredients and their natural origin. But that hides the composition on the label factory jars - a big secret. Hand-made cosmetics copes well with the task of moisturizing and nourishing the skin. If you know the properties of elements selected for the production of cosmetics, you can achieve different effects by varying the composition. Of course, cosmetics made by themselves will be much inferior to such quality products that the French company Vivienne Sabo produces, reviews about this cosmetics are very positive.

However, to solve real problems and just for sensitive skin, home creams and lotions are not just not suitable, but they can have the opposite effect. The fact is that the formulas of cosmetics at work are developed by specialists with the help of appropriate equipment and in compliance with the temperature regimes. In addition, the resulting product is required to undergo numerous inspections and certification, which, of course, cannot be said about hand-made cosmetics. Yes, it can be prepared from the best natural ingredients, but at the same time be allergenic. In addition, homemade cosmetics can not be stored for longer than 2-3 days, then they simply lose their appearance and, most importantly, their properties.

In order to get a really high-quality "right product", fans of home-made cosmetics can simply follow simple recommendations:

- for cooking, use only fresh, and most importantly - seasonal products that are grown without the use of chemicals;

- remember the importance of disinfection and thorough cleaning of the components;

- for the preparation of cosmetics, acquire measuring scales, containers for mixing and storage;

- after the preparation of cosmetics is not worth the same hour in all its use. Perform a kind of test, treating a small area of ​​the skin on the back of the hand. Watch the effect;

- no matter how good the home makeup is, do not abuse it. For example, apply no more than 2-3 times a week;

- remember that the simpler the ingredients are by their nature, the better.


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