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How to create a GTA gang?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
October 9, 2014
How to create a GTA gang?

I am sure that many readers passed the game GTA SA at least once, and, perhaps, more. For those who have not done this, we recommend reading the article How to get through the GTA, which will help to deal with the nuances that await you online. Those who have already switched to the samp-mode will certainly be interested in the question of how to create a samp gang in the GTA, because this is one of the most fascinating factions. For more information about creating a gang in the PC version of GTA, GTA SAMP and GTA V, see below.

Gang Management in GTA SA

As you progress through the game GTA SA, you will accumulate respect, which will allow you to attract bots to your group. To create a gang in the gta, just go to the bot, which is fully dressed in green. This is a member of a friendly Grove criminal group, which can be lured to your side by taking it on sight and pressing the G button on the keyboard. After that, it will be controlled by you. For more information on how to use the gang and what it is for, you can read in the article How to hire a gang in the GTA (GTA).

Gangs and GTA SAMP

The gangs in this fashion function much more interestingly, since they consist of real players, who face quite diverse goals in the game. You can sell drugs, trade weapons, rob homes and warehouses, and also participate in the fight for territory. To create a gang, just go to the server, type in the chat command: / gang and select the menu item "Create a gang" in the menu. Come up with a name for your group and start typing people with the teams:

  • / invite [ID] - invite a player;
  • / uninvite [ID] - expel the player.

Creating grouping in GTA V

In GTA 5, the possibilities of the gang are expanded even more. You can challenge any other group or arrange a war within your union to deal with the urgent conflict. In addition, your symbolism can be applied to private cars, as well as more modifications are available to indicate the individuality of the group. To create a gang in GTA 5, do the following:

  1. Register on the site;
  2. Select the section in the top menu: Gangs. Then: Create a gang;
  3. Using the proposed settings, select the name, colors, motto, emblem, special friendly and enemy gestures, the goals of the gang and its style;
  4. Lock the settings with the button: Save the gang.

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