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How to create a KCC server (CSS)?

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How to create a KCC server (CSS)?

Fans of Counter-Strike: Source very much. The current generation prefers to play online, but for this you need a server. You can play on someone else, as well as create your own. Let's figure out how to create a server CS.

First of all, we are convinced that our computer has a static (and not dynamic) IP address, otherwise the server will not be visible on the Internet or it will be necessary to reconfigure all the time. If you use the Internet via Wi-Fi, you will need additional settings.

Server creation

  1. To create a KCC server, you will need a ready-made server, which we will migrate as needed. .
  2. Extract the file from the archive to any convenient place. For the next steps you will need a special program. Let's tell on the example of a more convenient program.
  3. Run the program. The Settings Wizard opens. Follow the steps:
    • Choose Counter Strike Source, click "Next."
    • Home - “Next”
    • Mani Admin Plugin - “Next”
    • "Overview". Select the path to the server (the folder in which we unzipped the server file) - “Next”

Launch Options 1 appear in the wizard.

  • Anti-cheat leave enabled
  • Server port choose any
  • SourceTV port, Fps - so we leave
  • TickRate can be put 100
  • Slots for players put any number
  • Choose a card, too, any.

Startup Parameters 2 appears in the wizard window. Here we select our IP address. In the Rcon line, we register any password that is convenient for ourselves, this is necessary for remote control of the server. Click "Next" and "OK".


  1. In the Tornado program window, click "File" - "Create" - "Mani Admin Plugin" - clients.txt
  2. Choose "Create admin by ..." - the best way is to choose Steam ID
  3. In the Name field, write the nickname in the game, in the Steam ID field - your data - “Create”

Install the plugins

  1. Click "Plugins" - Mani Admin Plugin - Select the folder with the server, put a tick on Counter Strike Source - "Install". After installation we close.
  2. Similarly, follow: "Plugins" - SourceMod - Select the folder with the server, put a tick on Counter Strike Source. We are waiting for the installation to complete and close.

Server is installed. Go to the folder with the server and click "Enable Server".

The server is ready to go.


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