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How to create a network?

There are several ways to transfer data between computers at home. Of course, files can be transferred via the Internet, but there is always the possibility to configure a local, wireless or home network between computers, laptops and other devices. This will greatly facilitate the exchange of files at home, as well as allow you to listen to music, watch movies from the hard drive of another device.

We will analyze how to create a network yourself, together.

Networking between computers

To create a network, you need to connect two computers with a network cable. After that go to the setting:

  1. We pass along the path "Start - Control Panel - Network Connections". Select the desired network connection and click the item "Properties".
  2. In the new window, open the context menu of the "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" item and open the "Properties" again.
  3. In the properties will be all the information about the ip-addresses of your computers. Addresses of computers should not match.
  4. Then go to the "Network and Sharing Center" and open the properties of the created network. Specify the type of "Private". You must also enable sharing without passwords.

By setting up a network in this way, you can transfer information between computers without problems.

You can read more about this in our articles How to create a network between laptops and How to create a network in Windows 7.

Creating a local network

To create and configure a local network, you must:

  1. Set the same working name for all devices. On computers, this is done by opening the properties of “My Computer” and changing the workgroup. The name on all devices must match and be in English.
  2. Go to the "Network and Sharing Center". In the window, we turn on device discovery for all networks, automatic configuration, and access to file printers.
  3. Also disable the password for the network if you do not need it.

To connect to such a network, you need to connect to your home's shared Internet over a wireless network or cable, and also have a common name for the workgroup. For all other cases, you will need to set the ip-address.

Creating a wireless network between computers

To create a wireless network, you must have a Wi-Fi adapter, as well as set up a connection:

  1. Go to the properties of the computer by calling the context menu of the “Computer” icon and clicking “Properties”.
  2. In the window, click "Advanced system settings".
  3. In the "Computer Name" tab, we change the computer name to any of our own.
  4. We set the name of the working group.
  5. After that, go to the "Network and Sharing Center" and click on the item "Wireless Network Management".
  6. We begin the creation from the point “Create a network" computer-computer "".
  7. Set the network name, security type WPA2-Personal, set the password.
  8. In the next window, select "Enable Internet Connection Sharing".

After that the network will be created. We configure other computers in the same way and connect to the wireless network in the usual way with a password.

Creating a homegroup

To create a home group:

  1. Go on the path "Start - Control Panel - Home Group."
  2. On the "Sharing other home computers with Windows 7" page, we are starting to create a homegroup.
  3. Follow the simple instructions and create a homegroup.
  4. After that we add other computers to the group.

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