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How to cure bumps?

Deformity of the foot is a fairly common disease. Consider how to cure bumps on your feet using various techniques.

Minor deformities can be treated with self-massage. It will be useful for those people who wear shoes most of the day and are constantly on their feet. Preparing for massage effects, you need to rub your feet with your hand. Then you should proceed to perform simple techniques:

  • Move your thumb, pre-pulling it away.
  • Roll a ball or other round object on the floor, making it a deformed area.
  • Raise a piece of paper or cloth, grabbing it with your toes.
  • Do exercises on a special spiked mat.

Valgus splint

The valgus splint is a kind of bandage that is placed on the thumb, as well as part of the foot. With the help of the extender, the finger is taken a little to one side and fixed in the desired position. It should start with a small correction, gradually increasing the degree of tightening of the joint. If the disease is not running, the first results will be noticeable after a few weeks.

Along with the treatment of cones, the arch of the foot flattens.You can wear a tire not only at home, but also during work. Being flexible and comfortable, it does not cause discomfort. The materials of which the tire is made, do not cause allergies.

Drug treatment and surgery

Treatment of deformities with medication is the removal of inflammation, as well as pain relief. Steroid drugs are administered locally and once. They can also be prescribed by a doctor to restore metabolic processes.

Surgery to eliminate bone can be done only if all other methods are not effective. Through a small incision, the doctor changes the position of the tendon, correcting flat feet. After such an intervention, the mobility of the foot is restored after a few weeks.

Folk remedies

You can get rid of inflammation with the help of folk remedies: various compresses, ointments, as well as rubbing. They will help relieve pain.

  • Rubbing iodine. Dissolve several aspirin tablets in a sufficient amount of iodine and mix well. Lubricate the bones for three days, after which a two-week break. If necessary, repeat the course.
  • Propolis.Knead the tool in the palm of your hand, attach to the deformed place, secured with a bandage. Instead of a natural remedy, a pharmacy counterpart can be used.
  • Fir oil. Rub the tool into the joint daily for several months.
  • Baths. Dissolve sea salt in water, add iodine. Immerse your feet in this composition for 15 minutes.
  • Wraps Leaves of burdock wet turpentine and place on foot. Cover them with a plastic or towel. Using this method, care must be taken to prevent skin burns.
  • Broth madder. A spoonful of dried leaves pour boiling water and insist. Strain the broth, take it twice a day.

Now you know how to cure the strain of the tendons. Remember that the best prevention will be the choice of comfortable shoes.


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