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How to cure hemorrhoids?

How to cure hemorrhoids

In fact, there are quite a few ways to treat hemorrhoids, and they are all effective to varying degrees and are intended for a particular stage of the disease. There are also universal methods of treatment, that is, for almost any stage. Let us dwell on the most common and effective.


These include various ointments and rectal suppositories, which significantly reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation and, accordingly, dissolve blood clots, simultaneously reducing pain and itching. Among such drugs, we note such as Ultraprokt, Proktozan, Gepatrombin. However, these drugs have some drawbacks. So, before taking any of these drugs, you should always consult with your doctor and preferably, of course, with a proctologist, a specialist in these diseases. And besides, during the course of treatment with one of the above drugs, it is necessary to take others that will help improve the condition of the veins at the site of hemorrhoids.These are drugs such as "Detralex", "Troxevasin." However, you cannot get rid of hemorrhoids with some medications, and the point here is not their inefficiency (they are very effective), but the fact that, in addition to drug treatment, you also need to completely change your lifestyle: for example, you’re less nervous, refuse eating over spicy and fried foods.


Despite the fact that many doctors are very skeptical of herbal medicines, nevertheless, the best experts note their considerable effectiveness in the fight against hemorrhoids. Of course, with their help, it is unlikely to cure hemorrhoids permanently, however, they, like modern pharmacology tools, can significantly alleviate the human condition and largely eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. I think it would be useful here to give a link to one of our articles on this particular topic. Here are some useful recipes:

  • Take a leaf of aloe, trim the spines and, smearing it with petroleum jelly, insert it into the anus. You can keep it inside for several hours, and it is better to do this procedure in the morning and in the evening for the night about a month.
  • It also helps aloe gruel, which must be attached to hemorrhoidal formations. Just before that, you need to clear the aloe from the thorns. And for grinding it is more convenient to use a blender.
  • In the bathroom you need to dissolve the infusion of 10 leaves of burdock in 4 liters of warm water. Take a bath for 5 days in the morning and evening.
  • Eaten cornel bones (from jam), as well as a decoction of bay leaf, also help. For broth, you need to take 15 g of grass per 1 liter of water and cook for 2 hours. You can take 50 g 3 times a day before meals.
  • Pour a teaspoon of white mistletoe with a glass of hot water and leave to infuse overnight. You need to drink the next day in the morning, afternoon and evening. The course of treatment is 2 months.

How to quickly cure hemorrhoids

Of the other methods of treatment, we note semi-surgical, that is, sparing surgical methods. It is difficult to completely cure hemorrhoids without surgery, if we are talking about late stages, but for the cure it is not necessary to use a rough surgery. Here are some very effective semi-surgical techniques.

  • Sclerotherapy Perhaps the most effective method in the early stages of the disease.It lies in the fact that the patient is injected into a hemorrhoidal unit with a special substance that sticks together the vessels, preventing the further development of the disease. This method does not require even local anesthesia.
  • Temperature effects: cryodestruction (very low temperature) and infrared coagulation (very high temperature). Despite temperature differences, these manipulations help to achieve the same result - the destruction of hemorrhoids. Cryodestruction and infrared coagulation are applied at the initial and at the middle stage of hemorrhoid development. Among the shortcomings can be noted some pain after surgery, as well as the possibility of relapse. However, with the observance of the recommendations of a specialist, the recurrence of hemorrhoids is practically impossible.
  • Latex rings (the so-called ligation of nodes with their help, when the rings are worn directly on hemorrhoids). Latex rings lead to the rejection of nodes, but there is a possibility of re-development of the disease in a few years. In addition, this procedure in the final stages of the development of hemorrhoids can only serve as a preparation for a more serious surgical intervention.

As for the actual surgical operations, here you can also identify several methods, of which the oldest is hemorrhoidotomy, or excision of the nodes. However, modern surgeons do not recommend this method, since it is fraught with the occurrence of complications and the deterioration of the general condition of patients.

One of the alternatives is the Longo operation, when it is not the nodes that are removed, but part of the mucous membrane above them. However, this method is suitable only for stages 1 and 2 of hemorrhoids, when the nodes do not fall out or fall out, but set back.

But the most modern surgical method of treating hemorrhoids is dearterization, that is, blocking the blood supply to hemorrhoids, which makes them pull up - that is, this method is almost bloodless. However, dearterization, like other surgical techniques, also requires a certain recovery period, although not as long (about a week).

Useful tips

Well, we have described all possible ways to treat hemorrhoids. For those who want to conduct a competent treatment, but do not know who to contact, we recommend this article.

It is also known that hemorrhoids very often occur in women during pregnancy, and complications can also be observed after childbirth. And especially for the fair sex, we wrote several useful articles on this topic:

Be healthy!


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