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How to cure psoriasis?

Our article is devoted to the treatment of psoriasis. No one is immune from this disease, and there is a genetic predisposition to this disease. Sometimes the body may malfunction, and scaly patches appear on the body. This disease gives a lot of problems, especially in aesthetic terms.

You can learn more information about psoriasis in the article What is psoriasis, and from our article you will learn how to cure psoriasis with medicines and folk remedies.

Psoriasis medicine

Specialist dermatologists (namely, a dermatologist should be contacted if you are worried about psoriasis) recommend using special ointments and some disinfectants for the treatment of psoriasis - this is often enough to achieve very stable results during treatment. Fukortsin is used as a disinfecting agent (to eliminate possible fungal infections), and D-Panthenol, Naftaderm and Triderm are selected from ointments.

D-Panthenol is used to treat mild forms of the disease, Naftaderm is a stronger drug (based on petroleum products),which in combination with another Triderm ointment often gives excellent results, completely eliminating the symptoms of more severe forms. The course of treatment with these ointments is as follows: they usually start with alternating Fucortsin and D-Panthenol, that is, for example, in the morning they smear the affected areas with Fucorcin, apply ointment in the afternoon, in the evening - again Fucorcin, and at night - again D-Panthenol.

If this does not give a special effect, then Triderm and Naftaderm are used as a pair, but alternation takes place 3 times a day - Naftaderm can be applied in the morning and evening for the night, and Triderm - in the afternoon. It is necessary to smear until the complete disappearance of the peeling on the affected areas. You will notice that the skin has become smooth, although at the same time it may look darker. If such therapy does not give an effect, it is worth contacting a specialist for further treatment.

How to eliminate the causes of the disease

Note also that these methods are used to eliminate the external manifestations of the disease, and to eliminate the causes of psoriasis, it is necessary to use other methods. It is worth, for example, paying attention to what kind of food you eat. For treatment of psoriasis, you should refuse fatty, salty and sharp.This is due to the additional loads of such food on the body, which is not easy, because very often the cause of psoriasis is stress and various nervous disorders. You can learn more about nutrition in our article Diet for psoriasis.

That is why you need to pay attention to some light antidepressants (for example, tincture of motherwort or valerian). In addition, experts often recommend anti-allergenic drugs, since various forms of allergy can complicate the course of the disease and even cause it - and here again a specialist is needed who can help identify the specific cause of the disease. And now a few words about the folk remedies that are well help with mild forms of psoriasis.


The treatment of psoriasis with decoctions and tinctures is very effective in the mild form of psoriasis, and often in moderate, when not only desquamation is observed, but also small sores on the affected areas. Of course, strong ointments allow you to achieve a more stable remission (recovery without returning the symptoms of the disease), however, traditional medicine in some cases can be very useful. Here are some proven recipes.

Herbal decoction

In order to prepare a special decoction, you must:

  • 2 tbsp. l wild rosemary of marsh;
  • 2 tbsp. l centaury;
  • 1.5 Art. l tricolor violets;
  • 1 tbsp. l smokes;
  • 3 tbsp. l hoofed dog

Pour boiling water over these herbs and leave for an hour. Take ready broth during the day (in small portions). If you have heart problems, remove your hoof

Alcohol solution

And here is another useful recipe for psoriasis:

  • 80 g Sophora flowers;
  • 2 glasses of vodka (quality).

It is necessary to insist on this mixture for quite a long time - at least a month (besides, in a dark place). Take ready infusion should be to eat one teaspoon (3 times a day). If for some reason you can not take alcohol or you do not want it, pour boiling water over Sophora flowers. Insist decoction is best in a thermos, leaving it overnight.

Corn Silk Broth

Also no less useful decoction of corn stigmas, and you can cook it as follows.

  • Buy in a pharmacy a string, a lingonberry leaf, an elecampane, field horsetail and chop them up (keep the proportions according to the instructions on the packages).
  • Add to this mixture 1 tbsp. lthe following herbs: black elderberry flowers, corn silk.
  • Fill the herbs with warm water, then bring the mixture to a boil.
  • Insist about 1 hour. Take the broth should be half a glass at any time, several times a day. The course of such treatment is not less than a month.

It is also useful to make lotions on the affected areas of the body. Gadget can be made according to the following recipe. It is necessary to make a very strong decoction of yarrow (1 cup of grass, 3 cups of boiling water). Insist should be about 2 hours. Having moistened a tampon in such broth, wipe necessary sites on a body.

How to make psoriasis ointment

It is very simple to make an ointment on your own: for this you need the most ordinary products. Here are three recipes for ointments.

  • Take the butter (200 g), 0.5 cups of vinegar and 1 egg, stir the ingredients and refrigerate for a week. Lubricate the affected area with this ointment every day. And after its absorption it is necessary to apply salicylic ointment.
  • Finely chop the root of the celandine (to make 1 cup) and pour 1.5 cups of alcohol. Infuse the broth for about a week, then mix it with 0.5 glass of fish oil (or with boiled lard).Using a tampon, lubricate the spots with the ointment.
  • 150 g of oak bark crushed into powder, 2 tbsp. l Pour the chamomile in melted butter (200 g), boil on low heat for 5 minutes, add the powder from the bark of the oak and leave for another 15 minutes. Strain the hot mixture with gauze, and when cool, wipe the affected area daily. You can store this ointment in the refrigerator.

Various herbal baths can also help to alleviate the condition and relieve itching. For this, decoctions of chamomile, celandine, succession will work well.


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