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How to cut the claws?

The procedure for clipping claws is sometimes simply necessary for your pet. But sometimes even the most caring owner does not know how to cut the claws. If you do everything correctly and with knowledge of the basic rules, then your pet will not experience painful sensations. As a rule, claws are trimmed only to those animals that do not walk on the street and constantly stay in apartment conditions. The fact is that in street cats and dogs, claws are constantly grinded from climbing trees, walking and running on the ground. At home, as you know, claws grow back freely and there comes a time when it is just necessary to shorten the claws. There are other reasons for this, for example, your pet had a fight, and a piece of claw is cracked. This will create a certain discomfort for the animal, so it is better to cut the broken claw. Even if your pet resists, you should be good to him.

How to cut the claws of a cat

Many owners of domestic cats face a problem when their cat begins to cut upholstered furniture, doors, wallpaper with its sharp claws.The owners believe that the cat is naughty and start to scold him. In fact, the pet thus brings to your notice that the claws on its paws are very branches and cause it inconvenience.

To cut off the claws, in the veterinary stores sold a special tool - the claw cutter. It is also necessary to purchase a special tonic that will remove the lubricant released after cutting and disinfect wounds.

We now proceed to the description of the procedure itself. Many caring owners are very afraid that the cat is experiencing pain while cutting. In fact, if you know the technique, the animal will absolutely not feel anything.

Carefully inspect the claw, if it is transparent, then you will see pink blood vessels. This area is called pulp, you can not touch it, it really hurts the cat. In the very tip of the claw there are no such capillaries, and it is precisely this that must be captured with a claw cutter. It is best to do this procedure together, so that your assistant keeps the cat.

Before you cut the claws, it is necessary to gently squeeze the pads area on the paw and over the paws with your thumb and forefinger, so the cat will release the claws at full length.After shearing the claws can be polished with a file.

We cut the claws of the dog

Dog owners often complain that their pet is knocking claws on the floor, but they don�t know how to cut the claws of the dog. Experts recommend carrying out such a procedure at least once a month, and maybe more often, as needed. If you do not shear the claws on the side fingers, they can grow into the skin, which will cause serious inconvenience to the pet.

To shorten it is also worth using only special nail clippers. The structure of the cat's and dog's nails is similar, which means that the claw cannot be completely cut off. Remove only the tip and file the nail file.

We shorten the claws of the rabbit

The question of how to cut the claws of a rabbit is less popular, but the owners of these animals should be aware that such a procedure is mandatory. For this, the rabbit can be wrapped in a towel and reach for the legs just before shearing. Paw need to hold tight. Since rabbits marigolds are thin and delicate, ordinary pedicure clippers can be used. If possible, the foot should be illuminated with a flashlight so as not to cut off the excess part of the claw and damage the nerve.It is better to find a partner for such a procedure.


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