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How to cut music from video?

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How to cut music from video?

The need to cut music from a video can be due to a variety of reasons, for example, this is necessary in order not to violate copyrights or to remove extraneous noises in the audio sequence. This article will look at how to cut music from a video.

Video converter selection

In order to carry out such a procedure as cutting music from a video series, you will definitely need a video converter. For example, we take a program called.

To install it, you will need to unpack the downloaded archive, then, following the instructions in the file "Read me", install the program. We do not recommend downloading this program from sites that offer a key to it separately. Under this link you can download a program with a key that is already embedded.

Video audioThe next step is to add video to the program. This can be done by clicking on the "Add" button, selecting the "Add Video" tab. You can insert any video in a format that the VideoMaster program supports.You can also add multiple videos at the same time.

Next you will need to make the conversion. Highlight the video and click on the "Convert video format" button. You will be taken to a special section where you will need to select the "Audio Formats" item. Of the proposed audio formats, we recommend choosing mp3 and wma. If you plan to listen to audio on Apple devices, it is advisable to choose the format flac or ogg.


Click on the “Settings” in the program window and go to a special section. In this section, you can customize settings such as

  • video audiocodec type;
  • bit rate;
  • frequency;
  • type of signal;
  • file format;
  • division of the file into parts.

Set the parameters at will, as in order to achieve the desired quality, you must use the method of "scientific spear". After you have installed all the settings, click the "convert" button. Upon completion of the conversion process, the program will automatically save the video track without audio sequence. So you can cut music from your video. You will need to save the audio track separately by selecting a special folder for this.

The described algorithm is suitable for other programs. At the moment, the user is offered a fairly large selection of software for the implementation of the extraction of video, including free and complete. These include the above program.

How to cut music from YouTube online

You can also cut music from a video using YouTube. This is useful to those who want to add video to their channel, while not using third-party programs.

  1. First you need to go to YouTube.
  2. Find a video clip with the right music.
  3. Copy the address of the video.
  4. Next you need to follow the link.
  5. Then you need to paste the link that you copied from the addressVideo audiolines. Enter it in the input field and click "Convert".
  6. Upon completion of the conversion process, you can click on the “download” button and download the resulting audio track.

As a result, you should receive an audio file with a quality of at least 128 kbps.

With this service, you can also cut a certain piece of music that you liked the most. To do this, just specify the timecode of the fragment.

Please note that if you want to use music from any clip in orderto use it in your video on YouTube, then by agreement with an affiliate program, you have no right to use your video for commercial purposes, i.e. you cannot earn money on it. Otherwise, this video will be removed by YouTube moderators for copyright infringement.


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