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How to decorate a personal diary?

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How to decorate a personal diary?

Personal diary - the need of the soul. Many teenagers (and not only) trust their thoughts and experiences to the diary. A diary is a personal space, and its design is a matter of taste, therefore, how and with what to decorate it, everyone chooses for himself. We can only give advice on the design of your personal space.


The decoration of the diary begins with the cover. It is worth noting that if you only pick up a notebook or notebook for a diary, you can buy it in the finished colorful cover, but you can also make a cover with your own hands:

  • case. If you plan to periodically change the cover of the diary, then you can make a kind of covers that can be changed over time. You can make them both from paper and from fabric. By the way, the fabric is good because if you accidentally stain it, you can quickly remove it from the diary and wash it.
  • Pictures. Also, as an element of decor use a variety of pictures that can be applied to the cover of the diary.

Page layout

Personal diary can be decorated not only outside but also inside. For this you need to dream up a bit and come up with interesting elements for your diary:

  • signature. Come up with an interesting signature and put it at the end of each record.
  • letters. In order for the text of your diary not to be boring and monotonous, write letters of different sizes and colors or replace any letters or words with pictures.
  • A diaryPhoto. If in the diary you describe any event, then the page with the description can be supplemented with an interesting photograph of this event.
  • pictures and drawings. Do not forget to accompany your notes with paintings and drawings made by hand or cut from newspapers and magazines. The original version is to draw a three-dimensional drawing, and make notes in the middle and along the edges.
  • colored pens and pencils. If you want to decorate the pages of your personal diary in an original way, then when filling it out, use bright colored pens and pencils.
  • unusual pages. In order to diary pages were not similar to each other, make them different. For example, you can draw a picture on one page, stick a picture onto another, and put a small colored card of various shapes on the third.A diary
  • pockets.On the pages of the diary, you can make original pockets of paper and keep things that are dear to your heart: movie and concert tickets, bracelets and little notes.
  • stickers. The use of stickers is another good way to decorate a personal diary.
  • flowers If for some holiday you were presented with a bouquet of flowers, and you want to preserve the memory of them for a long time, dry a few twigs and decorate the pages of your personal diary with them.

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