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How to develop a leg?

The muscles of the body are constantly in need of training, because they are directly involved in the work of the musculoskeletal system. When muscle tissue is working, blood flow to it increases, which means that the amount of oxygen and various nutrients increase. If it has already happened that you have to wear a gypsum, then the load decreases or stops altogether, and the muscle cells atrophy. A very important point in the treatment process is the restoration of normal functions after a leg fracture. This article is about how to develop a leg. This, of course, is a difficult task, but doable.

The main tasks during rehabilitation

  • Eliminate muscle atrophy, vascular changes.
  • Increase muscle tone of the leg.
  • Improve muscle elasticity.
  • Develop mobility in the joints.
  • Fight stagnation.
  • Increase motor activity.

The tasks, at first glance, are not so difficult, but they are simple for a healthy person. And for a person with an injured leg, doing each item is a lot of work.

How to develop a leg after a fracture

  • Massage, physiotherapy, rubbing. It is required to restore the previous muscular activity as much as possible. It is necessary to apply rubbing the feet of cedar oil. Massage after fracture is very important. Any touch, stroking, kneading movements increase muscle tone, thus speeding up the healing process. Beneficial effect of magnetic therapy sessions. Apply warming procedures (wax, ozokerite).
  • Baths with additives. In the process of rehabilitation, it is necessary to take baths, adding sea salt and various healing herbs to them. To prepare this bath, use 100 grams of salt per liter of water. Horsetail baths will be useful, as the horsetail helps in violation of blood circulation, affects the swelling in fractures.
  • Physical exercises. They will help to solve the problem of muscle atrophy in the best way. Exercises can be done at home, you do not need a trainer for this. Special knowledge for the exercise is not required. Correctly calculate the load. Do not perform all the necessary exercises in one day, if the leg will be very disturbed.
  • Special diet.Adhere to proper, and most importantly good nutrition. Eat foods that contain a sufficiently large amount of calcium and silicon. During the rehabilitation period, cottage cheese, cow's milk, fish, soybean, bran bread, hazelnuts, green vegetables, sesame will be especially useful. Silicon to replenish from raspberries, radishes, currants, pears. Especially useful in this period will be vitamins C, D, E.

Exercises to develop legs

  • First, walk as much as possible, resting fully on the injured leg.
  • Second: standing or sitting to perform rotational movements of the foot. Start the exercise a week after removing the plaster.
  • Third: kick a foot. Stand near the chair, holding his back. Injured leg to lift up and hold in the air. Repeat 10 times. And for a healthy leg do the same. As a variant of the same exercise, move the leg to the side.
  • Fourth: standing near the chair, stick to the back. Slowly rise on your toes, drop to your heels. If it is easy, then you need to do the exercise on one leg.
  • Fifth: lie down on the floor and make a swing cross movements.

After a month of doing these exercises, you will be able to start exercising on simulators.The work on the simulator-bike will be very effective, but pedaling at a slow pace and initially not more than 10 minutes.

Even while in a cast you need to do exercises, you can start a day after the injury. Move your toes, tighten and relax the muscles, including the muscles of the stitched leg.

Now you know how to develop a leg after a fracture or severe injury, what exercises you need to perform, what products to give preference. Get well soon!


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