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How to determine the size of the apartment

You will need
  • - technical passport for the apartment;
  • - tape measure;
  • - paper;
  • - calculator;
  • - a pencil.
Areaapartmentswritten in the official document issued for it - that is, in the technical passport. So, wanting to knowthe sizeyour current or potential housing, look in the log.
If you want to measure the area yourself, take a roulette, a calculator and ask another person to help you measure everything. Draw a preliminary scheme of housing, so that later you have the opportunity to immediately put it in it.the sizes. Do not forget to measure alsothe sizeUtility rooms - storage rooms, balconies and balconies.
According to the level of the plinth, measure with the tape measure the length of all the walls in the apartment, trying to keep the tape measure well and exactly stretched. Translate the results into meters and record them in your plan.apartments. If the room has an irregular shape (niches, corners, rounding and ledges),break the room into separate figures and indicate in the planthe sizes.
Multiply the length and width of each room and record the result in your “sheet”. Summing up the area of ​​all roomsapartments, you get the overall result. Consider, each apartment has three areas - common, residential and directly the area itself.apartments. Living space includes the area of ​​living rooms (bedroom, nursery, hall). Areaapartmentsis defined as the sum of living rooms and utility rooms (bathtubs, bathrooms, pantries, corridors, kitchens, etc.). total areaapartmentscalculated as the sum of the areas of all rooms, including reduction factors (for balconies and terraces - 0.3; for loggias - 0.5; for verandas and cold storerooms - 1.0).
Note that the total areaapartmentsused for state statistical observation, and area indicatorsapartments- for official statistical accounting of the housing stock in the Russian Federation, determination of the social norm of housing, payment of utilities, etc. Determination of area and other technical indicatorsapartments governed by the "Instructions on the accounting of housing stock in the Russian Federation."

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