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How to disable connected services?

Increasingly, mobile operators offer their customers new services. Companies offer subscribers a free period of use, and then make the service a paid one. Probably, many were faced with this situation, especially when buying new SIM cards.

Today we will look at how to disable unnecessary services.

Ways to disconnect connected services

Contact Center

The fastest way to deal with services that you do not use is to call the Contact Center of a mobile company. However, speed consists only in dialing the required number, then most likely you will have to wait very long and exhaustingly for the freed specialist.

During the call to the call center employees, you can listen to the information about your telephone number and, by navigating to various sections, learn about the connected services. In case you have no questions to the operator, you can deactivate the service, following the instructions of the autoinformer. Otherwise, wait for a specialist to answer you.To start a conversation, you will need to give your data: name, phone number and code word (if available).

Personal Area

Another fairly quick way is to manage services through a personal account of cellular communication. To carry out the operation you need access to the global network.

If you do not have your account on the mobile company's website, then first of all you will have to register. Registration takes a couple of minutes: you will need to enter your full name, phone number and email address.

Once you open access to your profile, you can get all the information on the availability of services on your SIM card. To disable this or that service, you must click on its name and click the "Disable" button.

In addition, you can manage services through a special mobile application. However, the possibility of installation must be checked with your operator.

The site of the company

The following method also implies access to the Internet. To deactivate the service, you need to go to the website of your company, go to the "Services" section, find the one you are interested in and read the information about the disconnection.In the information section you will find a special command that you will need to enter on your mobile phone.

This method assumes that the subscriber is aware of their connected services. Otherwise, you still have to resort to the first or second method in order to find out the names of the services.

Sales centers

To disable the connected services, you can visit the company's specialists personally. Come to any nearest brand salon and ask to disable the service. If you do not know exactly what services are available on your phone, then ask the consultant to inform you. To do this, call your phone number employee point and show a passport. To disable some services, you may need to write a statement.


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