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How to disable the autorun

You will need
  • Elementary skills in personal computer.
First, insert the disk you need into the computer's drive.
After that, you will see a window for selecting actions on the disk. In it, you need to select the desired action on the contents of the disk or click the "Cancel" button.
If the disc contains a licensed movie, music or game, then a company window will appear in front of you with a choice of further actions or a specialized player available on the disc. The window or player must be closed.
After you close the windows that appear during autorun, open the "My Computer" folder. There, find the line with the name of the disc inserted in the drive. Then right-click on it once to bring up the disk action menu. In the menu that appears, select the line "Properties".
In the disk properties window that appears, select the "Autostart" tab. At the bottom of the tab is marked the line "Issue a request to select the action to be performed." You also need to select the line above - "Select the action to be performed:" and in the list of actions select the line "Open folder to view files."After that, double-clicking on the disk icon (or just after the disk is inserted) the contents will always open as a standard folder for viewing files.

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