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How to download a disc to a computer?

Irina Cheverda
Irina Cheverda
September 23, 2014
How to download a disc to a computer?

Until recently, disks were a very popular means of data transfer. Now there are flash drives, but many still have a pile of disks with various information lying around.

How to download a disc to a computer

  • Step 1. You need an optical CD or DVD-ROM. It must be connected to the computer. Laptops often have embedded DVD-ROMs. However, the netbooks of this device is not. How to download a disk on a laptop or netbook? An external DVD-ROM that connects via USB can help. After connecting an external device, make sure that your computer detects and identifies it. A message about this may appear in the lower right corner of the desktop. Otherwise, you can go to "My Computer". All devices connected to the computer are displayed here.
  • Step 2. Insert the disk into the drive. The disc should automatically start. Data on the disk can be viewed using the program "Explorer" or another file manager (for example, "Total Commander").Any optical drive is defined in the "Explorer" as a separate device and displayed as a logical partition with the corresponding letter. DVD-ROM is no exception. Open the DVD-ROM and watch the contents of the disc.
  • Step 3. Select the necessary files and copy them. Paste the copied files into the required place.

Cloud storage

With the development of Internet technology, many people prefer to store data in cloud (online) storage. This allows you not to fool your head with flash drives and disks. The most popular cloud storage today is Google Drive and Yandex Disk.

Download information from such online discs is easy. First you need an account on the corresponding service. If you have e-mail on this resource, you can also use it to log in to the cloud storage. You get into your account, which will reflect all the files available to you. This includes both the files you upload and the files of other people you have access to. Further, the algorithm with the storage is different for each Internet platform:

For Google Drive:

  • select the necessary files;
  • open the "Advanced" menu and select the item "Download";
  • in the window that appears, select the file format;
  • Click the "Download" button.

For Yandex Disk:

  • open the page with the desired file;
  • Click on the "download" button (to the right of the file).

Yandex Disk has a download limit. It is 50 GB. That is, a larger file can not be downloaded.

Other cloud storage functions in the same way. Go to the site (some services do not require registration, others can only go through your own account), look for the file you need and click the download button. There are options: the file can start downloading immediately, sometimes you need to specify the path to download, sometimes - the file extension.


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