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How to draw a rooster?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
March 14, 2013
How to draw a rooster?

We propose to draw a cartoon hero - a rooster with a fervent look, standing in the middle of the courtyard or Texas desert. The final background selection is yours. So, how to draw a rooster in stages:

Sketch of the picture

  • Let's start with a sketch. In place of the head draw a small circle. Another slightly larger - in place of the body. Connecting both circles with an indirect line is the future neck. On the head-circle, mark the line of the eyebrows, and from it stretch the curved line of the beak.
  • Under the torso draw contours paws.
  • We now draw the crest of our rooster, mark round eyes below the eyebrow line, and draw the bird's beak.

Give the volume of the body

  • Ennoble the neck of a handsome whine. To do this, add to the original line thick feathers. To do this, we will not draw each pen, but create their apparent volume using zigzag lines. The same fluff can be drawn on the "cheeks" of the rooster.
  • Draw the eyes and eyelashes of a bird. We finalize the neck. Add feathers where the torso should be. Keep in mind that we are not a simple bird, but a fantastic character.Therefore, it is important to make it as friendly as possible.
  • Get down to the tail. To do this, simply stretch the back of the torso and draw long feathers on it. At the same stage, we will also finalize the chicken legs: we will make them voluminous with the help of parallel lines, and draw the claws. Remember that our chicken on each leg has three fingers - two “look” forward, and one - back. As soon as the paws are ready, let's erase the initial sketches.
  • Final touches - erase lines, sketches and decorate our creation. We finish the necessary background. Drawing is ready!

Still not one option, how to draw a rooster, you can look on the Internet,

If you try, you can portray a whole chicken coop.


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