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How to draw eyebrows?

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How to draw eyebrows?

Eyebrows - an important part of the face, for which it is necessary to take care. Also, do not forget to give them the desired shape. In this way, the face will become more expressive. This can be done with shadows or a pencil. Below will be considered how to properly and beautifully draw eyebrows.

How to draw a eyebrow pencil

First of all, you need to decide on the shape of the eyebrows. To eyebrows looked neat, remove hairs that, in your opinion, make a discord in the overall look. Mark the eyebrow shape with dots, then take a pencil and connect the dots. After that, all you need to do is to walk along the entire line of the eyebrow with a pencil so that it looks more natural and beautiful.

If you have rare and narrow eyebrows, in this case, you first need to comb the hairs against their growth and paint over the places where there is not enough vegetation with a pencil. After that, eyebrows are combed in the direction of growth and are drawn with a pencil until a perfect result is achieved.

In some cases, when the hairs are naughty, the use of wax or gel is required. Before drawing it is necessary to put this or that cosmetic on the eyebrows, it will give them shape. Then you can start drawing eyebrows or adjusting them. To draw the eyebrows in pencil look more natural,EyebrowsYou can put a little mascara on them. So they will look thicker.

Pencil can easily raise the eyebrows. This will help you our article - How to raise an eyebrow.

Remember that eyebrows drawn in pencil often look vulgar. To avoid this, choose the correct color of the pencil. It is desirable that the shade is not too dark. It is best to choose a color that is as similar as possible to your eyebrows.

You can learn tips on eyebrow shaping from our article - How to make eyebrows.

How to draw eyebrows with shadows beautifully

You can draw eyebrows and shadows. However, the makeup will have to be corrected during the day, as the cosmetics will crumble. To draw eyebrows in this way, you need the following:Eyebrows

  • white shadows;
  • brown shadows;
  • mascara brush;
  • tassel with beveled end.

Phased eyebrow drawing shadows

  1. Draw white eyebrow shapes.Eyebrows
  2. Take a brush from the mascara, type some shadows and run along the hairs in the direction of their growth, filling in the empty areas.
  3. Shadows should be applied to the entire eyebrow, then blend everything.
  4. Adjust the shape of the eyebrows with a pencil, if necessary.

As you can see, it is easy to draw eyebrows in stages, you just need to decide in advance on their shape and follow the tips described below. Also do not forget about symmetry: eyebrows should be the same, so you should practice a little.

Many go form eyebrows in the form of a house.


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