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How to draw Friendship is a miracle?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
March 15, 2013
How to draw Friendship is a miracle?

Children of different ages liked the cheerful, colorful cartoon series “Friendship is a miracle”. Cute ponies, unicorns and pegasi sunk into their souls, thanks to their kindness and peaceful jokes. Many people want to recreate a playful horse - a bright pony. How to draw "Friendship is a miracle"? How beautifully depict a horse from this cartoon? All the characters of the animated series are similar, they have common painted features. Therefore, we will tell you how to draw a pony, which will be similar to many characters in the animated series.

  1. First you need to draw two simple circles. One of them will be the basis for the head, the other - for the body. Connect them with a curved line.
  2. Now you need to draw a face. A small nose, protruding corner, ear, neck and chest. The ear will be only one, since the second is hidden behind the mane.
  3. Draw a little horn - if you draw a unicorn. In the cartoon there are pegasi and unicorns along with ordinary ponies. Draw a mane. Let her be a little disheveled. Draw more detailed ear (visible to us).
  4. It's time to draw a big round eye and a few cilia, add a spout and mouth.
  5. Now we draw the front legs, outline the hooves. Make them slightly bent, as if the pony wants to jump. The legs of a horse should be slightly wider at the bottom than at the top. Such extremities are inherent in all the heroes-ponies "Friendship is a miracle." It is easy to draw hooves - just make them with prominent corners.
  6. Then draw the hind legs, and circle the back of the pony's torso to get a full picture of the character.
  7. Finally, we draw the emblem of the cutie and the long, chic tail. Using an eraser to remove extra strokes or inaccuracies.
  8. The final step. Coloring our character. With the help of color we breathe life into a cartoon character. Do not make it too bright, better try to achieve a uniform color.

You will enjoy this interesting activity, and you will want to draw a pony from the animated series again. The second or third time the picture will come out better. Soon you will be able to portray any character of a magical country as close as possible.

How to draw a pony from the cartoon Friendship is a miracle

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