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How to draw Masha?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
September 23, 2014
How to draw Masha?

Masha and the Bear are the favorite heroes of many generations. In addition to the cartoon, you can buy notebooks, notebooks, calendars and bookmarks with images of these characters. But children often ask not only to buy a picture, but also to draw it. Not everyone can do it right away. Therefore, in the article we will describe how to draw Masha with a pencil.

Creating an image of Masha

  1. In order to draw Masha, you need to choose a suitable picture or photo from which you will be drawing.
  2. Draw a head circumference and divide it with straight lines that will show the direction of the head. After that, make a sketch of the contours of the eyes, nose and mouth.Masha
  3. Next, draw the eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, cheeks and eyebrows and draw them well with a pencil.
  4. After that, draw and point the lower part of the face and the kerchief with a pencil.
  5. Add a bang and remove all auxiliary lines from the character’s face.
  6. Draw a nodule under the chin and proceed to the creation of the body.
  7. Also sketch out the outlines of your body, arms, and legs. Then add the dress, the palms and the feet of the girl.
  8. Remove the auxiliary lines.
  9. Paint the picture with matching colors.

Easy way to create a picture

Beginners draw Masha from the cartoon as follows:

  1. Pick or print the appropriate design.
  2. Using copy paper, copy the picture on a blank sheet and color it. In case there was no copy paper on hand, you can copy the picture as follows: place the glass between the two chairs. Under the glass, put the lamp, and put on top of the figure, covered with a clean sheet. Draw a drawing along the lines.
  3. After the picture is copied, for greater realism, you can add colors to it.

Useful tips

  1. During the creation of the hero do not forget about the main attributes: bangs, scarves (although in the last series the girl appears without her), the dress.
  2. Masha is a little girl, so you should not draw long arms and legs.
  3. Masha is constantly smiling, so do not forget about a smile and a couple of protruding front teeth.

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