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How to draw the girls of Equestria?

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How to draw the girls of Equestria?

Girls of Equestria are the characters of the cartoon “My Little Pony”. The main heroines are six. Girls are drawn in anime style: big eyes, barely marked nose and lips, slender waists and unnaturally long legs. On the ways to image a variety of animated characters, read our article Drawing.

How to draw the girls of Equestria

Basic moments

All girls are painted the same. They differ only in color and style of clothing, eye color and hairstyles. In general, the head is about ¼ part, and the legs are more than half the length of the entire figure. The arms and legs are very thin, on their background the head looks unnaturally large.

The clothes of the heroines are short skirts and tight blouses. Her legs are depicted massive cowboy boots with a small heel. The eyes of the girls make up almost half of the face, the nose is depicted as a draft, and a small mouth is drawn without lips.

Phased instruction

  1. Draw a head in the form of a circle.At the bottom of the circle you need to draw a trapezoid with rounded corners. One of the corners of the trapezoid will represent the chin, and the second - the cheek. You can draw the head in the form of an oval, and then slightly change its shape to highlight the cheekbones and sharp chin.Equestria
  2. If you draw a picture with a three-quarter head rotation, the middle line of the face will look like an arc. Mark it with a hard pencil.
  3. You also need to draw a line across the image, separating it approximately 1/3 from the bottom. On this line will be located the inner corners of the eyes. Please note that these characters have almond-shaped eyes not horizontally arranged, as in humans, but obliquely.
  4. Paint the eyes and small pupils. Draw three or four eyelash hairs on each eye.Equestria
  5. Use a small arc to mark the nose. If you draw a closed mouth, it is depicted as a thin line. An open mouth will look like a triangle.
  6. Draw the body. To begin with lines draw a figure in motion. Draw ovals chest and hips, and dots mark your elbows, wrists, knees and arches of the feet. Do not forget about proportions.
  7. Now you can draw the form. On the hands of the characters depicted on the five fingers.Boots draw from the knees.
  8. Detail drawing. Draw the luxuriant hair, skirt and blouse. Decorate shoes and ornament on clothes.
  9. Correct inaccuracies and erase auxiliary lines.

Character Features


She wears a purple fluffy skirt and a blue T-shirt with a sleeve to the elbow, she has purple boots on her feet, and gold wrist bracelets on her wrists; The girl's eyes are blue, and her hair is purple.


Wearing a green skirt and top-shirt in white, with pink socks on her legs,Equestria girlsknee closures and green boots; the girl has turquoise eyes, pink lush hair; hairstyle and skirt skirt are decorated with butterflies.


Brown tight skirt with pockets and blue frill along the hem; a white shirt with a green collar, a cowboy hat, and brown boots; the girl is blonde, the ends of the hair are gathered under a pink gum, the color of the eyes is green.

A sparkle

A young lady dressed in an indigo skirt, decorated with a pink snowflake, and a blue blouseEquestria girlscolors; she has black shoes and pink-purple leggings on her feet; the girl's eyes are brown and her hair is dark blue with pink feathers.

Pinkie pie

She is wearing a pink full skirt, a white heart-shaped blouse and a blue bolero; her boots are blue with white lacing; hairstyle with bangs, pink hair, light blue eyes.


The girl has an unusual, greenish skin tone, black shorts, a pink narrow skirt, a white T-shirt, over which a blue shirt is worn; hair, leggings and bracelets of all colors of the rainbow, brown eyes, and blue boots with white lacing.


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