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How to draw winnie?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
March 12, 2013
How to draw winnie?

At school, on drawing homework, they often give an assignment to draw a character from a cartoon. As always, when drawing something, there are some tricks that help to create a beautiful drawing. If the homework for drawing asked to draw a funny witch, then this article will reveal tricks how to draw Vinnie.

  • It all starts with drawing basic outlines, which will then be detailed. So two circles are drawn. One large at the bottom (this will be the belly), and the second - the smaller one - is several centimeters higher. The smaller one will represent the head.
  • Further to a smaller circle, draw a small circle on the left side (outlines of the muzzle). And in a place just above where the smaller circle touches the larger one, draw two parallel lines from the intersection to half of the larger circle.
  • Next you need to draw four lines. The first will connect the circle (face) with a large circle (future) belly. The second arc, convex outward, will connect the circle (head) with the large circle.
  • And it remains to draw two wavy lines down from the big circle. Their length is approximately equal to the radius of the great circle.

Further, in the place of the head, in the small circle the details of the muzzle are drawn. Eyes are drawn between parallel lines, and ears are drawn at the top of the circle. Outlines of clothes and the left arm (paws) are drawn around the two lines connecting the head and the stomach. Outlines of legs are drawn on the lower lines. Now you know how to draw Winnie the Pooh!

See below for details on how to draw Winnie.

How to draw winnie

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