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How to dress up at the rink?

Ice skating is now considered the most common sport among adults and children. In many ways, this has contributed to television, in many respects ease of learning and the availability of ice rinks in cities. In addition, there is an increase in the construction of indoor skating rinks, which contribute to a comfortable pastime for the whole family. Parents put their children on skates as soon as they begin to walk, and older people come to the rink to shrug off their shoulders for several decades and recall their youth. For those who get up on skates for the first time, a completely natural question arises - what about getting dressed up at the rink?

How to dress up on the rink

Rollers and clothes

There are several types of rinks, and depending on which rink you go to, you should dress differently:

  • Outdoor rink. So, how to get dressed in a skating rink located on the street?
    • Be sure to wear three layers of clothing (synthetic jersey, shirt and sweater). As a bottom layer of clothing, you can use thermal underwear, which retains heat and allows you to sweat, which is now freely sold in many stores.Wear leggings or sweatpants with a fleece that would not hinder your movements on the rink.
    • Outerwear should be light, but at the same time protect from wind and cold. Most fans of skates are limited to a warm sweater, but nowadays you can buy thin sports jackets that will perfectly keep you warm and light. In no case do not wear a down jacket, as in it you sweat a lot. The easiest way to wear a knitted hat on your head is to cover your ears. In addition, you will need gloves or mittens, as well as a round scarf stand.
    • It is better to wear wool socks or thermal socks on your feet, but with the condition that after lacing the skates, you shouldn’t get your finger between the socks and the skates. Some girls put on a skating rink long leggings that will harmonize perfectly with a short coat. If there is a severe frost outside, then special wool covers can be put on the skates to help keep warm. You can buy them in the store or make your own from wool socks.
  • Indoor rink. So, how to dress up on an indoor ice rink?
    • As a rule, indoor skating rinks are heated, so the air temperature in them is about 7 degrees Celsius. This means that a sweater or a sweatshirt is perfect for you.Some people wear a regular tracksuit on an indoor ice rink. In order to be noticeable, you can wear a mini-skirt with a sweater, a tunic with gaver or jeans with a turtleneck and waistcoat.
    • You can not wear a hat on your head, but you will need gloves to soften the blow in the fall. In no case do not wear a scarf, as if you fall in it can be confused and injured.

How to dress up on the rink

In addition, if you are going to the rink, then carefully read our following tips:

  • it is better not to take bags or backpacks to the rink, so check in advance if there is a storage room on the rink;
  • dressing stylishly on a skating rink, do not forget about the warmed clothes;
  • better to have your own skates than to rent them;
  • if you can’t ride, be sure to take your elbow pads, knee pads and wrist pads;
  • be careful when falling, so as not to injure other people;
  • Do not forget to take a camera with you to capture all the most interesting moments;
  • Do not forget to visit the cafe after the rink to warm up with tea.

If you decide how to dress up at the rink, a photo with different options is here at.


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