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How to enable spell checking?

Knowledge of the Russian language is not ideal for everyone. To correct the annoying text errors, use computer helpers. To do this in Microsoft Word, for example, it is enough to turn on spell checking in Word.

  • For Word 2003: Tools - Options - Spelling - Automatically check spelling (check the box). Here you can check the grammar, if you check the box next to "Automatically check grammar."
  • For Word 2007: Office - Word Options - Spelling - select "Automatically check spelling."
  • For Word 2010: Review - Spelling - click the "Spelling" button. To install the automatic spell checker do the following: File - Help - Options - click the "Spelling" button. To enable / disable spelling and grammar checking in the current document, go to the "Exceptions for" section and click "Current File Name". Uncheck or check the boxes next to "Hide grammatical errors in this document" and "Hide spelling errors in this document." To enable or disable spell checking in all new documents being created, under "Exceptions for", select "All new documents" and check or uncheck the boxes "Hide grammatical errors in this document" and "Hide spelling errors in this document".

Spelling can be checked online and in the browser. How to enable spell checking, briefly in our instructions. First of all, you need to open the desired browser.

Mozilla firefox

Follow this link . Then enter the browser menu in "Edit" - "Settings" - "Advanced" and click on the "General" tab. Put a cross in the column "Check spelling when typing."

If it does not help, go to any site and right-click on the field for comments, in the window that appears, put a tick in front of the "Spell Checker".


A spell checker is automatically built into this browser. To check it, in the text box you need to click on the right mouse button and mark "Spell Check". Basically, that's all. Nothing complicated, right? Go to the next web browser.

Google chrome

Sign in to "Configure and manage Google Chrome", select "Settings."At the end of the page, click on "Show advanced settings." Find "Languages" and click on the "Language settings and spell checker ..." button. Tick ​​"Enable spell checking" and click OK.

IE (Internet Explorer)

This browser does not support online spelling. In this case, use the plugin, which is downloaded from the official website of the developer. After installation, in the context menu, add a Russian in the "Dictionaries" section. The program is supported only in versions IE 6, 7, 8 and 9.


As a rule, in this browser, the spell check feature is enabled automatically. If not, on the toolbar in the right corner in the "Menu" in the "Edit" section - "Spelling and Grammar", check the box in the required field and click on the "OK" button.


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