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How to enter your personal account?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
April 16, 2013
How to enter your personal account?

Personal account on any Internet resource is a private branch of the system. It is available only to those users who are registered in it. To protect your personal account using a username and password. It stores the information that the user has reported about himself, as well as the data assigned to him by this system. Therefore, you need to remember and know how to enter your personal account.

General rules for using a personal account

  • In the browser you need to go to the desired address and view the main page of this site. Most often, you can enter your personal account at the top. You should look for the sign “Enter your personal account” or “Personal account”. As a rule, the input form contains at least 2 fields for entering text. The top one is for entering username or email. Bottom - for the password. Under this field or near it is a button, which, as a rule, is called “Login” or Login. If you have entered the correct data, then clicking on it will take you to your personal account.
  • If after all the above actions it was not possible to enter your personal account, you should check the keyboard layout. There could be an error when entering the password. It is necessary to change the layout from Russian to English with hotkeys or the icon located next to the tray. You should also check on the keyboard indicator Caps Lock.
  • On some sites, the procedure for entering your personal account is complicated by the addition of captcha. Most often it is a picture with a set of characters that you want to enter in the appropriate field. Captcha set to protect your personal account from various automatic programs that come to the site under the guise of a person.

Now you know everything about how to enter your personal account. Most likely, after reading this article, you will not have problems with this issue. We wish you good luck!


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