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How to fill the lighter gas?

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How to fill the lighter gas?

Smokers often get beautiful and expensive gas lighters as a gift, which, of course, it’s a pity to throw out when the "fuel" ends. However, this is not necessary, because the lighter can always be refilled. Let's figure out how to fill the lighter gas.


In order to fill the lighter, you need the lighter itself, as well as a special gas refill cartridge. Such a spray can be bought in almost any department where lighters are sold.

It is advisable to wear old clothes, which, as they say, do not mind, because the fabric can absorb the smell of gas.

Lighter refill


  1. First of all, clear the place where you will fill the lighter, should not interfere with anything. Then find the valve on the lighter where the gas is "fed" - it is usually located on its back end. If the valve is clogged with debris or dust, pre-clean it.
  2. Take some sharp object and click on the valve, while you should hear the sound of the gas outlet. After the gas comes out, set the flame height controls to minimum.
  3. Complete with a refill cartridge, there are usually adapters of various valves, choose the most suitable in your opinion, it should fit tightly on the valve. Take the balloon in your left hand, and the lighter in your right (if you are left-handed, the opposite is true).
  4. Now press the bottle tightly to the lighter and start feeding gas - it will take about 7-10 seconds to fill the standard size lighter.
  5. After refueling, wait 3-5 minutes until the pressure levels off, only after that you can check its performance.

As you can see, the work is simple, but it is also unsafe, so remember a few rules that will save you from sad mistakes.

Safety regulations

  • Check whether there are no sources of ignition near the place of refueling, in other words, it is not necessary to fill the lighter near the working stove and similar objects;
  • use gloves when refueling, avoid gas on open skin and eyes;
  • Do not refill the lighter to the limit - if it overflows, excessive pressure may cause an explosion;
  • Always hold the lighter and refill cylinder upside down when refueling.

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