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How to forget people?

Different things happen in life, and sometimes you need to forget a person so that memories of him no longer depress. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to do this, but still nothing is impossible, and you just need to make an effort. Below you can learn how to forget people.

How to forget a loved one?

When relationships have become obsolete, you should stop them. Of course, if love and affection live in the heart, this is not easy. However, first of all it should be understood that nothing good with this person does not shine for you, therefore the best solution would be to simply leave his life. At first, you will constantly think back to him and think that you have done wrong, but over time you will have new hobbies, and you will gradually forget about your former lover.

Exercise "Farewell"

You can also try doing this exercise every day. Close your eyes, relax and imagine that you are on the street. A person you want to forget is sent to you. Go to him and tell all that you boiled. After that, hug and say goodbye to him.Imagine how he turns his back on you, moves away and disappears without a trace. As a result, you are left alone on the street, but full of new ideas and a desire to live.

In the following days, you should repeat only the end of the exercise, you just need to look after your former lover. Stop doing this exercise can be when you are not mentally going back to the memories of a loved one.

How to forget the offender?

If you are offended, you want to take revenge on a person. However, revenge often does not bring relief, because the insult still lives in your heart. The only way out is to get her out of there. The first step is to try to remember all the details of the event and understand why it happened. Most often both parties are to blame for the quarrel, but your ego dictates other rules. If you turn it off, you will be able to accept the situation, put up with it and leave the vengeful plans. And then you can try to forget your abuser, if you do not want to continue to communicate.

Council of Psychology

According to psychologists, a person will not forget his abuser until he completely forgives him. In this case, you can just mentally talk to him: Express what you think about him and the situation in general.Also imagine yourself in the place of your abuser, try to understand what factors led him to do this to you. Perhaps after this conflict will be settled.

In addition, psychologists recommend including quiet music, relax and mentally imagine your abuser. Take him by the arms and say that you forgive him for everything. Of course, the first few times it will not be sincere, but by repeating it daily, you will forgive a person. After that you will forget about him, because you will not have an emotional attachment to him.

How to forget a dead person?

When a person left suddenly, relatives and close people are in shock. In this state, they are able to do a lot of stupid things. It is important to stop yourself and try to continue living. After all, time heals any wounds, and yours will not be an exception. Try to make an effort over yourself and accept what happened, because you have no other way out, since death cannot be canceled.

In this case, you can save a new lesson - courses, hobbies or work. Undoubtedly, the departed person is immensely sorry, but your tears and moaning on him will not help anyone. Better do good deeds in his name.To emotionally let him go, mentally say that you love him very much, if you want to hug and say “Goodbye”, no matter how painful it is.

It is not necessary to forget a person, because many believe that we are alive as long as the memories of us live. The main thing is not to allow yourself to immerse yourself in the memories and live only with them, because the one who loved you would hardly like this.


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