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How to fry kebabs?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
July 19, 2012
How to fry kebabs?

There is a popular belief that barbecue does not tolerate women's hands. Perhaps this is true, since cooking meat on hot coals is not an easy task. , and today we will talk about how to fry kebabs.

What to fry kebabs (choice of firewood)

The ideal option for the preparation of coal is wood fruit trees. It can be an apple tree, pear, plum, cherry, sweet cherry, apricot or peach. Vine and walnut shells are also good. You cannot find fruit trees in the forest, so birch, oak or linden will work well. It is strongly not recommended to use firewood coniferous trees. The resin released during combustion will spoil the taste of the meat.

On sale you can find ready-made charcoal packs. It is very convenient, as it saves time.

The device of the furnace or where to fry kebabs

For cooking kebabs used to use the grill. It is convenient, practical and safe. If there is no barbecue, then the preparation of kebabs can be easily organized on a fire. To do this, the fire should be fenced with stones or bricks.This will not allow the coal to creep away to the sides, and will allow you to comfortably place the skewer.

How to fry kebabs: cooking method

Cooking kebab is unacceptable on an open fire. Meat should be cooked in the heat emitted by hot coals. Coals now and then flare up a flame. To extinguish the fire is best with salt or chopped onions. In order to make the kebab juicy, in the process of frying it can be watered with marinade or dry wine. Constantly turn the skewer is not worth it. Better when the meat is fried, first on one side and then on the other. In order for the heat to be optimal, the skewer should be placed about 15 cm above the coal.

The choice of meat, the process of marinating, and the way of frying is a matter of taste, but do not forget about the rules. All comes with experience.


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