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How to get a birth certificate?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 10, 2012
How to get a birth certificate?

Having a baby brings a lot of trouble. Including you will need to issue legal documents. Therefore, tell you how to get a birth certificate.

So, the birth certificate is obtained in the registry office, referring to the territory where the child was born or according to the residence of one of the parents. You should have the following list of documents with you:

  • parents' passports
  • marriage certificate between parents,
  • and most importantly, a certificate of birth, which is issued in the hospital.

If a child has one parent, then, accordingly, the passport of that parent is served. Also documents on the basis of which you can enter information about the father (in addition to the marriage certificate) may be a joint statement of the parents or a court decision. The certificate is issued on the day of the appeal, while it is necessary to apply for its registration within a month from the date of birth of the child.It should be noted that the father of a child can apply for registration of a certificate when a marriage is registered.

The procedure is somewhat more complicated if the marriage between the parents is not registered. Then both parents should appear at the registry office and write a joint statement. As in the first case, the record about the mother is made in accordance with the medical certificate, and about the father - according to the statement signed by both parents. Also, if the child’s mother is not officially married to his father and there is no joint statement or court decision to establish paternity, the child’s surname will be indicated on the birth certificate as the mother’s name and patronymic at her discretion . Also in this case, information about the father may not be indicated at all. In a situation where the establishment of paternity was made in court, the entry is made on the basis of the effective court decision.

If for registration of the certificate it is necessary to establish paternity, then it is necessary to pay the state duty and present the relevant certificate together with the documents.

In that situationwhen, for good reason, one of the parents cannot be at the registry office for obtaining a certificate, a statement is written similar to a joint statement and notarized. If both parents cannot appear to register the child, a relative of one of the parents, as well as an official of the medical institution where the child was born, can do it for them. A relative will need to get a power of attorney from his parents, both to submit an application and to receive a certificate.

After the stage of obtaining a birth certificate, the registration of the child follows, or in other words, obtaining a registration.

We told you how to get this important document in the life of a little man. It remains only to strictly follow the instructions.


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