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How to get a quota for surgery?

If any person in connection with the disease wants to undergo a diagnosis or get high-quality treatment using expensive technologies, then there is an opportunity to get it all for free. For this you need to get a quota for treatment. Let's take a look at this article on how to get a quota for an operation.

In our difficult times, we often see on television that someone needs emergency medical care, and there is no money for it. For many people, the issue of receiving medical care is extremely acute. So, let's try to figure out what you need to have for a favorable completion of the case. Consider everything you need to get a quota for the operation.

Operation quota: documents

  1. Extracts about the carried-out medical procedures.
  2. Diagnosis.
  3. Appeal, preferably in writing.
  4. Photocopy of the passport, the first page and page with registration, birth certificate. If the quota is issued to a child, then you must provide a photocopy of the birth certificate and a photocopy of the passport of one of the parents.
  5. OMS policy (copy).
  6. Pension insurance policy (copy).
  7. A photocopy of personal account insurance.
  8. The document according to which you are entitled to a possible benefit.
  9. Direction from the clinic with the seal and signature of the doctor, this profile.

Where to get a quota for surgery

  • First of all, you should be aware that quotas are issued for very serious operations. There is even a special list of possible operations approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Get ready for the fact that you have to spend a lot of time collecting various papers and certificates, for different instances.
  • Contact the clinic to which you are attached according to the place of residence. Let your local GP therapist conduct a full examination. And only then, on the basis of the results of the examination and diagnosis, the doctor must decide whether to send all the documentation related to your disease to the commission of the health authority of the citizen of the Russian Federation. You must have documented early treatment. You also need to have a doctor's opinion about your current state of health.A written appeal of the patient, as well as a photocopy of his passport, birth certificate and all the above documents must be attached to the doctor’s discharge.
  • After that, the commission will certainly consider all your documents and send them to a person specializing in your disease. And he, in turn, will give you a conclusion according to which you really need surgical intervention.
  • Then there should be a meeting of the commission at which the conclusion of the attending physician and the specialist who examined you will be reviewed. After that, the commission will decide which medical institution you should be sent to.
  • After that, the commission will transfer the documents to the selected medical institution. Well, already there, the relevant experts will conduct a full examination and confirm your diagnosis. After that time and date of hospitalization will be set. You must always carry with you the entire list of required documents and medical reports.

If in the territory of Russia medicine cannot assist you at the proper level, then it is possible to send you abroad.That's only in this case, you should get an opinion according to not one, but several commissions. The composition of these commissions will be approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Development. If for some reason you will be denied a quota for treatment abroad, then you will definitely be offered alternative treatment according to the quota in Russia.

If you use the right to receive state social assistance in the Social Insurance Fund, then you will be given a coupon, according to which you can pay for travel to the place of your hospitalization. But for this you will need to provide the Fund with a policy of compulsory health insurance, a pension insurance certificate, a photocopy of your passport, documents according to which you really qualify for a benefit, a referral from a medical institution, signed by a doctor who specializes in this disease.

Now you know how to issue a quota for surgery. The main thing is to persist in achieving the intended goal, not to give up and have all the necessary documents.


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