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How to get a temporary registration?

Receiving temporary registration is an important moment for those who intend to settle permanently in one of the cities of Russia. Education, employment and other delights of life, as is known, are not available for persons who do not have registration in Russia. Therefore, for visitors, the question of how to get a temporary registration is traditionally relevant.

My address is not a house or a street

Theoretically, for residents of Russia who have visited the capital, obtaining registration is not necessary when a person is in Moscow for less than three months. However, in fact, to prove the fact that you have been in Moscow for less than ninety days, if necessary, is quite difficult. This is especially true of those who do not have a traditional Slavic appearance. In the laws of this, of course, no. But a dark complexion of skin and a narrow section of the eyes may well cause the police to be interested in your personality.

In order to avoid trouble, it’s worth at least to keep the ticket with the specified date of your arrival in Moscow.In addition, there is a chance to appeal to justice by citing the law on the rights of residents of Russia, confirming their right to unimpeded movement throughout the country within its borders. If you are seriously interested in how to get a temporary registration, then read on.

Where to go, where to go

The dramatic commentary in the rules on registration of non-resident residents states that the responsibility for registering a person is borne by officials who control compliance with the basic rules for the operation of residential premises and social facilities. This formulation allows you to learn a little new about where to get a temporary registration.

Therefore, we will say easier. To register you must administration of the hotel, hotel or pension, where you stayed. That is, after checking your documents, the administration informs the relevant authorities that you have arrived in the city and have registered at the Nth Hotel.

However, few people agree to spend fabulous sums of money on a three-month hotel stay. Therefore, it is wise to ask for help from friends or relatives who have the right to register you in their living space.Registration of nonresident persons is carried out by the Unified Information and Settlement Center.

I pull out of wide leg

In order to register in Russia, besides the passport, Vladimir Vladimirovich would also have to obtain the following documents:

  • child's birth certificate (if you come with children under the age of fourteen);
  • standard application of the first form for registration at the place of stay, issued by a passportist;
  • a statement from the owner of the living space on which we actually register (in some cases, we need a contract certified by a notary);
  • a certificate or a copy of a certificate confirming the right to own real estate;
  • a copy of the financial and personal account of the apartment owner;
  • photocopies of passports of the owner, prescribed, and a photograph of the latter.

Smart hill will not go

The process of obtaining temporary registration is quite lengthy and requires a lot of effort, and therefore the nerves. After all, the passage of all necessary instances takes at least two to three weeks. Naturally, many companies today offer people to help not only register, but also to get an inn for temporary registration, which is also relevant.

However, one should not blindly trust such “helpers”, sincein some cases it happens that a person is offered unreal documents. In accordance with Article 327 of the Criminal Code of Russia, criminal punishment is provided for using forged documents. Therefore, one should be more cautious or abandon the services of outsiders altogether.


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