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How to get a TV channel in St. Petersburg? is it really real?

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Daniil Bogdanov
Daniil Bogdanov
Answered on December 3, 2014 14:24
Actually, if you really have the desire and talent. No one gets on TV, even if you have acquaintances in this field. First, you need an appropriate education (higher). You can additionally complete the courses, tele-school. However, even graduates of such TV schools will not be waiting for anyone on the TV channel, unless, of course, you are not super bright and creative. It takes a lot of work and study to get things done. You can start with the lowest and lowest paid posts on TV, gain experience. A good option is to be a regular participant in a TV show on the desired channel, to express yourself and your talent, to be remembered by people. Try yourself on the small local channels, and then move up the career ladder and get on the big one.

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