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How to get from Sheremetyevo to Kursk railway station?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
April 12, 2013
How to get from Sheremetyevo to Kursk railway station?

Many guests of Moscow are faced with the problem of "how to get"; Sheremetyevo-Kursky railway station is a popular route. There are no direct routes, so you will have to make transplants:

  • By bus of the high-speed route No. 851 or by shuttle take a subway (River Station station). After 6 stops at the Belorusskaya station, you should go to the ring one and go through it 4 stops to Kurskaya station. Buses with Sheremetyevo-1 with a stop at Sheremetyevo-2 run from 7:05 to 21:05.
  • By taxi "Art. Lobnya - a-rt Sheremetyevo "from exits from the departure lounges Sheremetyevo-1 and 2 (white bus). Bus hours from 7:40 to 22:40. The journey time is 15-35 minutes depending on the road congestion. The bus arrives at the railway station. Lobnya. From here by train to Savelyevsky station. The journey takes about an hour. Next, at the Savelovsky railway station, you should go down in the metro station (Savelovskaya station), go one stop and go to the ring station at Mendelevskaya station and go three stops to Kursky station.Leaving the subway, you immediately get to the lower floor of the station building.
  • From Savelyevsky railway station to Kursky railway station can be reached by train. But electric trains run rarely and from the suburban trains to the station itself far to go.
  • From Sheremetyevo by Aeroexpress train you can get to Belorussky railway station. This trip will take about 40 minutes. At the station should go down in the subway (station Belorusskaya). Here, go to the ring line and eat 5 stops to the station. Kurskaya
  • From Sheremetyevo, take bus 817 to get to st. Metro Planernaya. At st.

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