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How to get pregnant after an abortion?

Now it is not so important why you had an abortion. Now it is important for us how to get pregnant after an abortion. You know, you are not alone, many women ask this question, because not everybody can quickly get pregnant after an abortion. Artificial termination of pregnancy is not always the choice of the woman, the reason may be medical reasons.

Why can not get pregnant

First, let's look at the issue of the effect of abortion on the possibility of becoming pregnant in the future. You can get pregnant after an abortion, everything is very individual, and someone will need a lot of patience! But it is far from a secret that abortion can negatively affect the reproductive health of a woman. After an abortion, the inner layer of the uterus is damaged. Therefore, when trying to get pregnant, then the embryo is extremely difficult to attach to the walls of the uterus. The walls of blood vessels in the uterus are thinned, which means that after being attached, the embryo will receive insufficient nutrition. After an abortion once done, miscarriages often occur.In addition, hormonal changes occur in the body of a woman after an abortion, which provoke the appearance of various infectious diseases in the reproductive system. And this leads to infertility.

Also, women with a negative Rh factor is not recommended to have an abortion. Rhesus conflict often causes infertility in many couples. In a woman's body, there are antibodies that reject the fetus and destroy its blood cells. The probability of getting pregnant is reduced, but it is! The main thing is to constantly be observed by a specialist.

The probability of getting pregnant after an abortion depends on the method of abortion. After surgery, women often wonder how to get pregnant after an abortion. Miscarriages are possible after surgical abortion, since the cervix cannot hold the fetus. If the abortion was done at a very early pregnancy in a medical way, then the chance of becoming pregnant does not decrease. Studies say that after a medical abortion you can get pregnant as well as before. But, of course, it is difficult to give guarantees.

How to get pregnant after an abortion - what to do?

Every woman is very individual.Surely, you have heard about the stories when women have several abortions, and then calmly become pregnant. Someone may be enough and one abortion for problems in the reproductive function.

Let's get down to business. If you had an abortion, but now you can’t get pregnant, go straight to the gynecologist! And the sooner you see a specialist, the higher the chance of getting pregnant after an abortion quickly. We advise you to consult not only your treating gynecologist. How many people, so many opinions. Doctors have a similar situation. Your doctor may follow some methods, while another may suggest an alternative. Listen to the opinions of different doctors, consult as much as possible and draw conclusions independently. The doctor at the reception will offer to undergo certain diagnostic procedures to check for diseases. You may have to treat something, and then go ahead!

The second important point is how to get pregnant after an abortion, this is a psychological attitude! A hopeless woman to get pregnant will be much more difficult. Scientists have already proved that we are able to program ourselves, even unconsciously, both for bad circumstances and for those who are desired.Simply put, our thoughts are material! Indisputable statistics will help to start a good mood and belief in the best: infertility is put after an abortion in 10% of cases, that is, the chance to get pregnant after an abortion is 90%!


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