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How to get rid of the neighbors?

We all perceive our home or apartment as a place where you can relax, unwind and feel protected. But the feeling of a homely idyll is often spoiled by bad neighbors, so many people are increasingly thinking about how to get rid of their neighbors. To solve this problem, there are many ways, both good and not so. Without resorting to crime, consider a few of them:

  1. If a neighbor does not respond to polite requests to behave like a human being, contact the legal authorities (police, sanitary and epidemiological station, court). True, the effectiveness of this method depends on many factors. If you are not the only one suffering from a noisy neighbor, write together with other tenants a collective statement with complaints about the abuser. You can come to your neighbor all together, show a statement and warn that in case of disobedience the statement will be given to the police. Perhaps the neighbor will change his mind. If not, contact the police. The more often and the more you write statements to a noisy neighbor, the more likely that it will be punished.However, in this issue there is a legal nuance. The application is accepted from the owner of the property If you are not, you can find the owner, show him a statement and ask for help. Fighting a neighbor in this way takes a lot of time and effort, but in successful cases you can achieve eviction of the offender. Also in certain situations, you can evict neighbors legally. Read the relevant literature on the issue or contact a lawyer for help. If your situation suggests the possibility of evicting an annoying neighbor, act boldly.
  2. And how to get rid of noisy neighbors? Act their weapons against them. At seven in the morning, when the neighbors are asleep, and you get up for work, turn on loud music or TV at full capacity for vigor. Believe, your neighbors will be "pleased." You can even leave for the whole day, without turning off the equipment, thereby ensuring a "sweet life" for the roommates. And if they come to you with complaints, explain why you do this, and put an ultimatum: you will stop making noise only when the neighbors stop doing it themselves.
  3. Psychological pressure. Set all other neighbors hostile attitude towards the abuser.If he is a weak personality, the psychological pressure can finish him off, and he will move. You can also study your neighbor, his habits, tastes, advantages and disadvantages. Knowing his weak points, one can make his neighbor’s life unbearable. It all depends on your imagination and conscience.
  4. If nothing helps or your conscience is so clear that it does not allow you to use any of the options offered, you can move yourself away from the ill-fated neighbors. Sell ​​your apartment, buy a new one in a different area and live happily.

Of course, you can come up with a lot of ways to get rid of the neighbors. But you need to be careful: if a person is seriously injured due to your fault, then your conscience will seize you. In addition, watch your behavior to avoid becoming an object of eviction.


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