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How to get steam?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
January 29, 2013
How to get steam?

In many chemical experiments, industry or other types of human activity, steam is needed. But the steam itself is not taken from the void. Let's figure out how to get steam.

There are different types of steam, the characteristics of each of them depends on the degree of humidity, dryness and elasticity. However, steam is most often divided into dry and wet.

Wet steam can be obtained if you take the right amount of water and bring it to the boiling point (100 degrees). At this temperature, the movement of water molecules is so large that they become gaseous and evaporate, while maintaining moisture. However, it is worth noting that water will evaporate at any temperature, and the higher the temperature, the faster the process of vaporization.

Dry steam is most often trying to get in the bath. To obtain such a pair will not fit low-power boilers or generators, the maximum operating temperature of which is 300 degrees. Need a temperature of at least 450 degrees, because it is in her steam has the minimum amount of water.

Steam can also be obtained using steam boilers and various chemical reactions.Apart from water, steam emit other substances, but you should always know which ones, because some substances emit gas during evaporation, which is harmful to humans.


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