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How to get to Milan?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
December 22, 2014
How to get to Milan?

Milan is located in northern Italy. This city is a recognized center of fashion. Also admires the architecture and amazing sights of this city, many want to see them with their own eyes.

Talk about how to get to Milan.

By plane

Milan can be reached by plane from Moscow or St. Petersburg. Aircraft land at Malpensa international airports (located 50 km from the city), Linate (located 12 km from the center of Milan) and Orio al Serio (45 km from the city). You can get from them to the required place in Milan by comfortable buses, trains and taxis. The last option is the most comfortable. But note that a taxi ride will cost you a large sum. We recommend in advance to book tickets at one of the websites of the international airports of Milan:

By train

You can get to Milan from Moscow or St. Petersburg by train. Every day, Stazione Centrale main train station receives thousands of passengers. It is located in the Piazza Duca d'Aosta.Next to it is the metro station and bus stops.

You can also get to Milan by train, which arrives at the large station Cadorna. It is located in Piazza Cadorna. From it you can get to the desired place by bus or taxi.

There are trains with tourists to Milan at Porta Garibaldi station. It is located at Sigmund Freud Square. In front of him is the metro and bus station. Therefore, problems in order to get to the hotel, you will not have. Getting there by train will save you a significant amount on travel expenses.

You can book your train tickets to Milan on the Italian Railways website:.

Private car

Milan is a major transportation hub, so you can get to Milan not only by rail and air, but also by car from almost any city in Russia. In the immediate vicinity of the Italian fashion center there are many highways. Of course, to travel by car for a long time, but this option is a huge plus: you can admire the beauty of the suburbs of Milan.


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