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How to get to Pulkovo?

Pulkovo - the airports of St. Petersburg, located about 15 km from the city center. The nearest metro station is Moskovskaya. Pulkovo-1 mainly operates domestic flights, and Pulkovo-2 mainly operates internationally.

How to get to Pulkovo? Depending on which airport you need to go to, the nuances will differ, but in general, this is either a trip by personal transport, or a city bus or minibus, or by taxi. Also to these airports shuttle bus service. The airport provides parking for private cars.

How to get to Pulkovo 1

  • Bus express (K-800): this route starts from the city center from the Vladimirskaya metro station. A comfortable bus takes passengers to the Pulkovo 1 terminal, on the way, making stops at the Tekhnologichesky Institute metro station and the Moskovskaya metro station. The fare for such a route is currently from 30 to 90 rubles, depending on the landing site (more expensive than Vladimir). The timetable is from about 7 am to 12 am.
  • City bus: from the metro station "Moskovskaya" you can get to the terminal on the city route No. 39 (the fare is 24 rubles at the moment). This route runs from about 6 am until one in the morning.
  • From the metro station "Moskovskaya" runs a fixed-route taxi K-39, the fare is currently 30 rubles.

Well, the main ways to get to Pulkovo 1, we considered, let's talk now about the way to the international airport of St. Petersburg.

How to get to Pulkovo 2

  • The bus express (K-900) goes from the Vladimirskaya metro station. The end of the route at the terminal Pulkovo-2. Along the way, just like the K-800, there are 2 stops. Accordingly, the cost of the trip also varies from 30 to 90 rubles.
  • City bus number 13 from the metro station "Moskovskaya" will take you to the terminal Pulkovo 2. Also, from 6 am and approximately to 1 am.
  • From m. Moskovskaya one can get by fixed-route taxis K-39A, K-3, K-113. Moreover, the K-3 bus departs from Sennaya Square, and the K-113 runs between the Kupchino microdistrict and the Pulkovo terminals. The fare on such routes is from 30 to 35 rubles.

Of course, you can order a taxi, there are a lot of taxi companies providing such services.Taxi 077, Taxi "7000000", taxi "6000000", Baltic taxi and many other carriers from whom you can book a car, including through the Internet, and comfortably get to the right place.

If you are traveling by personal transport, be guided by the following reference points: Moskovsky Prospect, and then - Pulkovskoye Highway, do not miss the pointer to the airport. Remember that Pulkovo 2 is a bit closer to the city.

Taking into account traffic jams, especially in the afternoon on weekdays, sometimes the fastest way to get to Pulkovo airport is to take the metro to Moskovskaya station and from there by bus or bus to the airport. Successful to you travel and comfortable trips around the city!


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