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How to give birth to twins?

"Sex is not important, the main thing is that a healthy one is born" - any person who is preparing to become a parent will tell you. However, many in the depths of the soul still think of the firstborn son or "sweetheart-daughter." Some even resort to special techniques that supposedly help to “guess” the sex of the child. We will go further and tell you what recommendations should be followed in order to conceive twins.

Nature of conceiving twins

Twins originate in the body in two ways - due to the separation of the egg at an early stage (in this case, identical twins) or when two eggs are fertilized at once (twin twins). Identical twins are outwardly very similar to each other, have the same sex and a set of genes, dvuyaytsev not necessarily much alike and can be heterosexual.

It is also worth noting that not only two spermatozoids are necessary for fertilization of two eggs, two eggs must be active, and this happens on average once every 200 menstrual cycles. As you can see, the probability is very small, and therefore you have to look for methods to increase it.

How to conceive twins

The main factor that increases the probability of conceiving twins, from the point of view of medicine, is a genetic predisposition. If a woman has already had twin births in the family, her chances are growing significantly.

Another important factor is age - the older the woman, the more often hormonal disruptions. With age, women increase the level of the hormone gonadotropin, which is responsible for the maturation of the egg, and this leads to an increase in the probability of conceiving twins.

The indication for the birth of twins is in vitro fertilization. This procedure involves planting several eggs into the uterus, which means that the likelihood of surviving several is very high.

The probability of conceiving twins is also high in a woman who took oral contraceptives. These drugs increase the production of follicle-stimulating hormone, the amount of which remains high for some time after the end of the intake. This hormone is often the cause of the maturation of several eggs at once.

The reasons for the conception of twins can also be the anomalous structure of the uterus and nationality, soAfrican women have more chances to give birth to twins than Asian women. In addition, the probability of the birth of twins in women with a 21-day cycle.

Observations of scientists and folk remedies

Scientists have found that protein plays a catalytic role in the conception of twins. Thus, the diet of a woman who wants to give birth to twins should be rich in proteins. High protein foods include lean meats, poultry, and fish. In addition, the menu should include fruits, dairy products and cheeses, they, as scientists promise, also increase the likelihood of conceiving twins.

Particular attention is paid to scientists yamsu - sweet potatoes. They noted that women of those nationalities in whose diet this fruit is present, often give birth to twins.

Of course, there are plenty of folk recipes for conceiving too. The most common recommendations are folic acid intake and frequent sex. In addition, it is argued that the chances of having twins are higher when conceived in summer.

Features and difficulties of labor

A woman who wants to give birth to twins should understand that it will be more difficult to bear and give birth to two children at once than one child.And although modern medicine avoids many of the problems associated with the birth of twins, pregnancy with twins is often accompanied by the threat of miscarriage, low weight of children, hypoxia and other troubles. However, you should not be afraid. All this we say is not to scare, you just have to realize - twins - this is a big responsibility. You need a responsible approach to visits to the doctor and all his recommendations, and then, most likely, you will be able to give birth to twins in a natural way at the right time.


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