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How to grow lemon in a cup: a guide for all. Suitable even for novice gardeners!

From smalllemon seedyou can grow a whole tree! Of course, this is a gradual process. Young lemon trees just bloom for several years, and only then begin to bear fruit. But in order to get your own lemon, you just need to put the seed in the cup!

This method is also suitable for growing grapefruit. An oasis of greenery everyone wants to have at home, and even more pleasant if the plants are planted with their own hands. Collect lemon seeds and start planting refinedcitrus plants. Lemons, it turns out, very unpretentious!

How to grow lemon

The first step is to collect the seeds and soak them in water. It is best to germinate large seeds, do not forget to pre-clean them from the outer shell. Leave the seeds in the water for 6–7 days, change the water daily.

lemon cultivation

Prepared seeds can be planted!

lemon cultivation

Place a few stones on the bottom of the cup to create drainage. Fill the cup with moist soil. Plant seeds in the ground with a pointed end down. Ensure that there is enough free space between the seeds - about 5 mm.

lemon cultivation

Cover the seeds with coarse sand or stones. Be sure to spray water on them every 2–3 days: at this stage, the seeds need sufficient moisture to germinate. To create a greenhouse effect that will promote intensive germination of seeds, wrap the cup in foil or polyethylene. Within a week, the first shoots will appear!

lemon cultivation

The best, strong shoots are recommended in 3-5 months to transplant into larger pots.

lemon cultivation

Lemon likes moisture and is not too picky about light. In the spring, the lemon must be cut, it will stimulate growth and flowering. Fall is possible the fall of the leaves, there is nothing to worry about. If you want your lemon tree to bear fruit, you definitely need to plant it. Otherwise, the lemon will remain a simple ornamental plant with beautiful flowers and a characteristic tart odor. But that's not bad either!

lemon cultivationIn spring and summer, when it is warm and there is an opportunity, take the plant to fresh air - it will bring him great benefits! If this is not possible, simply ensure sufficient fresh air is available in the room where a small lemon grows. Grow other plants on the windowsill, and you will definitely succeed! Inspire your friends - share with them valuable tips on growing lemon at home.


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