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How to grow walnut nuts?

At their site, many plant nuts, because they are unpretentious in the care and give a rich harvest. In order not to buy seedlings, you can grow a walnut nut. Consider how to do it right.

Autumn planting walnut

It is best to plant a nut in the fall. This time is the most beneficial. It is necessary to use only fresh nuts with whole shells of this year’s crop. If you take last year's fruit, then the probability of their emergence will be minimal. While the nuts that were collected 2-3 years ago, and does not germinate.

Nut planting should be done on the site where there is no acidic soil. Excellent for them alkaline primers. Having determined the necessary place for landing, proceed as follows:

  1. Dig the ground on the spade bayonet.
  2. Make a small trench 8-10 cm deep.
  3. Put the nuts in it on the edge and cover with soil.
  4. Watering is not necessary, during the winter moisture will form naturally, but it is necessary to perform mulching.
  5. Fill the nut beds with dry grass, sawdust and fallen leaves (a layer of about 10-20 cm should turn out).
  6. In the spring the mulch will nourish the nuts, which will prevent the loss of moisture.
  7. They begin to germinate as the soil warms up. It takes from 10 to 30 days, in some cases, shoots can go only next year.

Spring landing

It is not always possible to perform the landing of the nut in the fall. In this case, it does not make sense to plant a nut into the ground, since it will simply rot in the frozen soil. It remains only to wait for the beginning of spring. But by this time it is necessary to prepare the nuts for planting. To do this, you can use stratification or soaking.


First soak the nuts in water. Put them in a container with water for 2-3 days. Be sure to change the fluid daily, make sure it was at room temperature.

The next stage is the preparation of the substrate. Take wooden boxes or metal pots with small holes at the bottom. Pour a layer of wet calcined river sand or sawdust there. Put the nuts on the rib and fill it with substrate.

Keep the container with nuts in a room where the temperature is +3 .. + 7C. If necessary, spend 1-2 times a month to moisten them. But make sure that the substrate does not become too wet, otherwise the nuts will rot by the spring.

When sprouts appear, you need to place the container in a warmer room. It is possible to plant them in open ground when spring frosts are past. The soil for nuts must be mulched with sawdust, which will prevent the occurrence of burns on the sprouts. As a fertilizer for them is best ash. She poured into the wells every 4-6 weeks.


First, for 30 days it is necessary to store nuts at a temperature of +1 .. + 5C. Then they are soaked. It is best to start it 1-1.5 months before the intended landing in the ground.

For soaking, it is recommended to take a shallow, wide dishes. It is laid out in a single layer of nuts, and then poured them with water and leave for some time. When their leaves open and the back is turned, the nuts should be placed in a germinating container. Here you can also use dishes with holes or wooden boxes, where you need to pour sawdust or sand. It is necessary to keep nuts for germination indoors at a temperature of +25 .. + 28C. When they have roots 5–7 cm long, they are transferred to a room with a temperature of +3 .. + 5C and kept there until they land on the ground.

It is best to deepen the nuts after soaking and germination by 5-7 cm.Before planting in the pits should moisten the soil and lay a little fertilizer in it. Top germinated nuts sprinkled with soil and sawdust. After this, it will only be necessary to ensure that the seedlings are always hydrated. You will also need from time to time to loosen the soil, to flavor it and weed weeds.

Please note that the tree will not start to bear fruit immediately. In the early varieties of nuts appear only after 3-4 years. In other cases, the collection of fruits will be possible only for 5-8 years.


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