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How to improve children's tables?

Not all furniture for kids is designed optimally, and that’s why skillful dads have to improve tables for their sons and daughters depending on age, interests, opportunities and skills, as well as family living conditions.

Among the most popular modernization procedures.

  • Changing the angle of the table top cover. For drawing with pencils and reading, the surface of the table raised to the child creates a comfortable space in which details are better visible, it is easier to handle objects. In this position, the load on the spine and neck muscles is slightly less.
  • Hanging side pockets organizers. It is always convenient to have pencils and paints at hand, and in the side pockets on the table you can place paper with scissors, small books for classes, etc. A child learns to take accessories in one place and fold them after playing back.
  • Installation of additional drawers. Not all manufacturers know how babies like to hide “treasures” and make their own hiding places.When deciding to buy a children's table, be sure to check the availability or availability of equipment in the future of the pull-out pocket under the main surface of the countertop.
  • Ability to transform. For a child, perhaps the most important criterion for choosing a table. If the furniture can not be turned into a car, a house or a ship, the baby is unlikely to be interested in it, so tables with extendable legs or folding books are always in the pride of kindergartners.
  • Color. The ability to repaint or change the color of the children's table with the help of a polymer film always pleases the kids.

Of course, the owners of talent Samodelkin will be able to bring to mind any detail of home interior and even give a broken thing a new life. However, there are not always ideas and time for practicing reconstruction. So you have to look for good points of sale, shopping spaces that are saturated with a useful, rather than an in-line assortment.

Entangled in trade offers, experts advise to focus on highly specialized workshops or widely developed retail chains. In a private workshop, you can make furniture to order, and large stores have a well-established delivery service and implement models from brands that have been tested by the time and experience of hundreds of thousands of users.Among the Russian companies offering a full range of stationery and furniture products for children, one of the leading places is occupied by the Komus network. Here you can order a folding, sliding or growing with a child table - one of the best finds of modern designers, when furniture regularly serves girls and boys from 3 to 10 years old, proportionally increasing in size with their growing owner.


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