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How to insert a page in Word (Word)?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
December 19, 2014
How to insert a page in Word (Word)?

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How to insert a page in Word (Word)?

Quite often there are situations when it is necessary to insert an additional page inside an array of text typed in the Word editor. The page may be required to insert illustrations, charts, tables or additional text. How to insert a page in the Word?

Insert blank page

While in the file with the text, go to the tab "Insert". In the text, place the cursor on the place where you want to add the page (a blank page will appear directly in front of the cursor). In the menu, find the block at the bottom of which it is written "Pages" (it is on the left). Click on "Blank Page". The editor will insert an extra page into your text.

Alternatively, press the "Ctrl" and "Enter" keys simultaneously.

After completing the text, remember to save the changes.

Insert title page

In Word 2007 and above, you can draw a document with an attractive title page from the collection of editor templates. How to insert a title page into a word?word insertThe “Title Page” item is in the same “Insert” menu block, above the “Blank Page” line. Click on it and select from the proposed template you like. When the title page appears in your document, you just have to fill it out.


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