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How to install hinges?

If you buy new doors, then door hinges on them most often already installed. But sometimes there is a need to repair old doors and change hinges for them. Yes, and on new doors, this operation may still be needed. In this article we will explain how to install hinges on your own, be it hinges for doors or for furniture. Installing the hinges correctly is very important, because otherwise the doors will not open properly, close tightly or creak.

Required tools

First you need to make a list of tools that you need to not interrupt the installation process. In addition to the loops themselves, we will need: a hand mill or a chisel; sandpaper (both small and large); drill; screwdriver (or better - screwdriver); Roulette, awl and pencil - all this is necessary for marking; screws in sufficient quantities. It is important to pay attention not only to the strength of the screws, but also their appearance - after all, the cap of the screw will be visible.

Setting loops

The installation of loops is an important process, because loops, among other things, perform a decorative function.Few people know how to properly install the loop - this is not the most common procedure in a household, and it is difficult to get the necessary experience. Of course, you can turn to specialized companies, but we will show you how to install door hinges - this will allow you to do everything yourself and save on the services of a carpenter.

So, first we need to decide in which direction the doors will open - depending on this, we select the hinges we need. It is important to remember that such a type of loop as a flag can be disconnected. Therefore, we install hinges with pins in the door frame, and hinges with holes in the door.

Then you need to mark the loop. Hinges are installed at a distance of 20-25 cm from the top and bottom borders of the door frame. But it is important to preliminarily examine both the box and the door: there should not be chips and knots. If there are any errors, then the installation site of the loops must be shifted by the same distance. Loops are first marked on the door frame, then on the door. It is imperative to provide for the arrests between the door frame and the door itself from below and above.

Putting the plate hinges to the end of the door and the box in accordance with the marking, you need to circle them around the contour with a pencil - this is necessary for the recesses.The recesses are made using a milling tool or chisel, in accordance with the thickness of the hinge plates. After the grooves are made, you need to grind the groove with emery paper.

After that it is necessary to fix the loop. To do this, the plates need to be laid in the corresponding grooves and with an awl to mark the places where the loops will be fastened. After that, you can make holes with a thin drill of a drill (or do without preliminary holes) and screw the hinges to the door and door frame with self-tapping screws.

All, the installation process is complete, now you can install the door and adjust it. Furniture hinges are installed in the same way, and if you know how to install door hinges, then you also know how to install a furniture hinge.

We hope that this article has helped you, because the installation of furniture and door hinges - it is quite simple. Now you know how to install hinges on the door, and you can easily do it yourself. You only need accuracy and care, and if you do not have the right tool, you can always borrow it from your neighbors and friends.


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