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How to issue a protocol?

Given that the protocol is a document that records the adoption of all important decisions, due to violations in its design, the protocol may be invalidated. To avoid such a situation, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how to issue a protocol. However, harsh requirements are imposed not on its form, but on its content.

You need to prepare a company form, which contains the details and the name of the company. Or it will be ordinary sheets of standard A4 format. First, we indicate the name of the document - “Protocol”, and then we briefly outline the topic of this meeting. After that we write the name of the organization, as well as the date and venue of the meeting. The text of the protocol is divided into two logical parts: introductory and main.

It is necessary to begin to fill in the introductory section with the designation of the meeting leader (chairman) and the minutes (secretary). Here you will need to specify their names, initials and, of course, the position. Then, select the list of all those who are present at the meeting. We designate this list with the subtitle "Present" and list them as well as those who were indicated at the beginning.For meetings, where there was an extremely large attendance, you can simply indicate their number based on the results of registration. In this case, you need to attach a complete list to the protocol. At the end you need to provide a list of all issues that will be considered during the meeting. This section is called the "Agenda".

The main part of the fill in the sequence that corresponds to the current agenda. Here for each question you need to identify the names, initials and positions of those who spoke. We make it in the section "Listened". And then you need to bring the texts of each of the reports. By analogy, fill in the item "Speakers". In the "Resolved" section you need to report the decisions made. If the discussion was a vote, then you need to specify the number of votes "For", "Against", as well as "Abstained". At the end we leave space for the signature of the chairman of the meeting and the secretary who kept the minutes.

Minutes of the meeting: instructions for filling

How to arrange a protocol for the meeting? Minutes of the meeting shall be drawn up within the next three days after the meeting. Let's look at the rules for the design of this type of document.

  1. Minutes of the meeting should be drawn up, based on the draft handwritten notes, transcripts or audio recordings that the secretary makes during the meeting. You can also use materials that were prepared directly for the meeting: draft decisions, texts of speeches, agenda and lists of those who attended.
  2. The first line of the minutes of the meeting should contain the official name of the organization or enterprise. On the second - we write in capital letters the type of our document "PROTOCOL". Just below indicates the date of the meeting (not to be confused with the date of registration of your records), the number that was assigned during registration, as well as the place where this document was written. Then in capital letters in the lower left corner we make an entry about the type of the meeting itself. They need to be aligned in the genitive case with the word "protocol". For example, the "meeting of heads of departments."
  3. The name of the chairman and secretary is indicated in the water part of the protocol. And here we indicate the total number of participants in the meeting and people who were specially invited, do not forget to outline the agenda.The names of persons who have the right to vote and members of a collegial body, we write strictly in alphabetical order. A footnote to the registration list is required (“footnote attached”) when we indicate the total number of all those present without listing their names. The list must be included in the annex to the protocol. A numbered list of all issues that are discussed at the meeting, in which we indicate the names of speakers and speakers, we write down last.

How to arrange the minutes of the meeting in its main part

  1. Turning to the main part, which consists of three parts, logically divided by the number of issues discussed on the agenda. Each part must be built according to the scheme "made" or "listened", "decided" or "decided." They need to record the course of the meeting itself and discussions on each item of the current agenda. Sometimes, the "speeches" section indicate questions and answers. For example: “Question: If the company will be reorganized, are the employees subject to dismissal? Answer:“ No. ”Without giving the names.
  2. In the "Resolved" paragraph, you need to record the voting results. The text of the decision must be recorded in the form of the imperative, with the obligatory indication of the date of execution, as well as the performer.
  3. At the end of the minutes of the meeting, the signature of the chair of the meeting and the secretary who kept the minutes are required.

It should be remembered that before you draw up the minutes of the meeting, you need to make sure that it includes all the necessary data.

Types of protocols

The minutes of the board of directors or the board of the joint-stock company must be signed by all who attended the meeting. In some important cases, members of the meeting who spoke should endorse the minutes. Visas must be affixed in the left margin of the document. The protocol must be dated by that date when the meeting described was held. If its duration was held intermittently, and as a result, the meeting lasted several days, then in this case, we indicate through the dash the dates of the beginning and end of the meeting. Employees of the organization are notified of the decisions taken with the help of copies of the protocols or with the help of a note in which there is a section "Decided" or "Resolved".

To date, there are two types of protocols: full and short.

  • The full protocols are those in which the content of speeches and reports, including questions asked by speakers, is given in full (If the report was submitted in writing, the text of the report itself must be attached).
  • Short are those documents in which the text of the report should be formed thesis, and in the “Speeches” paragraph indicate only the names of those who spoke. Also, a variant of the short form, which includes only information about the chairman and secretary, a list of issues considered, the number of participants, as well as the wording of decisions taken at the meeting, is not excluded.

How to issue the protocol of the expert committee meeting? Some types of protocols may be approved by the head of the company, for example, the protocol of the meeting of the expert committee. In this case, you need to add the stamp of approval of the document (the details of the official document, which gives the legal or regulatory nature of the content of the protocol). Protocols have a permanent shelf life.

So, we have disassembled with you how to arrange the minutes of the meeting. I hope this manual will be very useful when filling out these types of documents. If you need a ready-made example of a protocol, you can familiarize yourself with it on the site "".


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